patchwork April 2014

patchwork april

Sweet April, with your sunshine, and your two week Spring holiday. This has been a month for heading outside, and with plenty of time spent as a family. Although holidays are always busy times, it’s a relief to break from the relentless school routine and to adopt a more relaxed approach to our days.

We relished the first picnics of the year, particularly because the baby (who is now crawling) could join in. The boys have been busy with tree climbing, kite flying, scooting and cycling. The eldest found time, though, to pause and pick a little bunch of celandines, holding them out with a ‘these are for you, Mummy’. It’s such precious moments that get me through the tired or trying days.

In our garden, the magnolia and cherry blossom has been succeeded by my favourite of all: lilac. I have been bringing it inside by the vaseful. On a Saturday trip to the farmer’s market, for just a few pounds, I picked up a huge bunch of locally grown, glowing pink tulips wrapped in brown paper. They brightened my kitchen and my spirits for days.

My #52loavesproject adventures continue, with a couple of sourdough loaves each week, and for Easter, I branched out into hot cross buns. I used the Hobbs House recipe, and I impressed myself with my endeavours. The boys showed their appreciation by wolfing them down! As part of #theyearinbooks, I’ve been reading, and loving, The Goldfinch. More about that later this week in the May post…

Once again, I’ve been looking back, to last April’s patchwork, and to the month ahead, with a Pinterest board for May.

I’m all set to celebrate May Day tomorrow with Lou as part of Nature in the Home. If you too fancy reviving the lovely pagan tradition of May Baskets, there’s still time to join in…

May on Pinterest

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