January 6, 2017

the year in books :: January 2017

Three years ago, when my youngest was just a baby, and I was sleep-deprived, book-deprived and- it felt to me- sanity-deprived, I made a pledge to myself. In an attempt to return to my bookaholic ways (in a previous life, before children, I was an English student who could devour a book in an afternoon), I decided that I would read one book a month. For the sake of accountability, I chose to record those books via this blog. Thus, The Year in Books was born. read more

December 31, 2016

a fresh start & a new idea

New Year’s Eve. The ultimate fresh start, and a time for reflection and hope. I’ve taken some time over the past few days to dream and to plan. In the year ahead, I’m going to take a little time and pay more attention to this slightly neglected blog of mine. I’m starting with an idea that’s been in the back of my mind for some time now- ‘Small Stories’- an occasional email newsletter. Once a month or so, I’ll be sending a little piece of lovely right to your inbox. I’ll be including recipes, book choices, seasonal musings, tales from the tabletop and more. If you’d like to receive this, just pop your email address into the box below.

Oh, and I wish you the very happiest of new years. 2017, I am hoping beyond hope that you will bring us all good things…

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