April 28, 2017

the year in books :: April 2017

I’m late with my post this month- the Easter holidays ran away with me, but I’ve been reading nonetheless. March’s book, The Secret Lives of Colour, was a treasure trove of delights! Telling the history of 75 different dyes and hues, it’s a book bursting with stories and secrets. I was utterly drawn in by it, and when I found myself in an art shop, I saw the paint pots with fresh eyes, knowing that each shade had a remarkable tale to tell.

For April, I’m reading a book that my brother gave to me for my birthday, The Faraway Nearby  by Rebecca Solnit. My bro is an academic and he has a knack of sending me thought-provoking books that I might not have chosen for myself. His last gift was  Seven Brief Lessons in Physics, which I was surprised to find that I adored. This choice has been no exception- its opening paragraph really spoke to me, in fact I think it’s probably one of the finest that I have read for a long time. Solnit is a remarkable writer.

Read on for the details of how The Year in Books works…

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April 25, 2017

Sunny Spring mornings at Berridon Farm with Canopy & Stars

As a young child, I grew up in Devon, on the edge of Dartmoor national park. Some of my earliest memories are of streams and moorland, woods and hollow trees. I sometimes feel as if that wildness became a part of who I am, of who I will always be. Over the Easter holidays, I took my own little family back with me to the same part of the world, where North Devon meets Cornwall, where wild countryside gives way to a dramatic coastline. We stayed on Berridon Farm with Canopy & Stars: a weekend of spring sunshine, rural bliss, and beach adventures. read more

March 21, 2017

the year in books :: March 2017

I have just a few pages left to read of February’s Book, The Comet Seekers. It’s a truly lovely novel, haunting and original, its characters and narratives tied together by the comets in the skies.  For March, I’ve chosen The Secret Lives of Colour, a fascinating book that I first came across in Daunt Books. This is one that I anticipate dipping in and out of, and I look forward to getting lost in its pages. Read on for the details of how The Year in Books works…

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