on the November table


I am documenting the year with monthly photographs of my kitchen table. Capturing the jumble that accumulates here, at the heart of the kitchen, is also a way to record some of the domestic stories of our family life.

November feels like rather a hiatus, a pause. Autumn is edging towards winter and the anticipation of Christmas is, inevitably, creeping in to family life. November is the calm, the stillness, before the whirl of festivities begins in December.

My tea, this month, is in my current favourite, a hand-thrown replica of the mug from Dylan Thomas’s writing shed in Laugharne. With a toddler in tow, it’s rare that I manage to drink a whole, hot cup of tea. As a result, I tend to favour smaller mugs, and I am very particular as to which ones I use. I’ve been known to decant tea from one to another, should my husband inadvertently select a mug which is not in favour. This little beauty is just perfect, and I am sure that the tea tastes better as a result!

The rather gorgeous plant, sitting pretty on a charity shop saucer, was a gift from my friend Lou. It’s a Pilea Peperomioides, and was a cutting from Lou’s rather majestic Pilea, Merlin. My fingers have never been particularly green, so I’ve been lavishing it with care and attention in attempt to keep it alive and happy. Thankfully, my pampering has paid off, and it’s been producing some little offshoots of its own. I’ve been referring to the Observer Book of House Plants, and consulting its expertise on propagation. This lovely green volume is one of a pile of Observer guides which I am slowly accumulating from a junk shops, markets and bookshops.

The Dala horse, whose story I told earlier in the year, usually sits on the shelves above my desk. The littlest has unfortunately discovered that he can climb up on my chair and help himself to my treasures, and the horse is a particular favourite of his. It’s currently sporting a Liberty print necklace, which was part of the wonderful goodie bag from my day at Liberty. Also from that day, the pretty silver ricrac courtesy of The Home Makery, which is out in preparation for some festive sewing that I have planned for this weekend as part of the Styling the Seasons project. The cute scissors are from Merchant and Mills, a gift from my sister-in-law, who knows me well!

Finally, November is very much the season for knitting. The skein of yarn on September’s table, which was a work-in-progress on October’s table, has returned to November’s table, a completed cowl, soft and warm, to keep me snug through the winter. If you are a knitter, you’ll find the details over on Ravelry. I’ve already started my next project, a cowl for my husband, inspired by this ‘manly’ one, of which, more later. I’ve always found knitting to be soothing- the perfect activity for a quiet day in November.

Blue, green and orange : the November table.

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  • A lovely table of things for these cool autumn days. Have you ever been to the community bookshop in Clevedon? From memory they have quite a few Observer books there. Very nice scissors, so important for making and creating to have some really sharp ones. CJ xx

  • Stopped by today in hopes of seeing your table post and so happy as to perfect timing! Just love seeing and reading about your little projects, feels like stopping by a neighbors house. I too have issues with my perfect mug, my favorite seems to change with the seasons and drinks. I’ve decided here in cocoa season that the perfect mug is small & heavy sided to keep it warm to the last sip.

  • Loving this table! Especially the mention of Dylan Thomas — this is the fourth time this week he has popped on my radar, ever since I dug out a Child’s Christmas in Wales to read to the children in the upcoming weeks. And I love hearing that I’m not alone in my choosiness over which mug to drink from 🙂