on photography


When they see me picking up my camera, or my phone, to take a picture for the twentieth time that day, my children have been known to ask me: ‘why do you take photographs all the time?’

I take photographs because I often see the world, even if it’s just in my mind’s eye, through the lens of a camera.

I take photographs because I am on a constant quest to improve my photography skills.

I take photographs because it allows me to see beauty in the simplest and most familiar things.

I take photographs because they are my way of noticing, and of recording, small but precious moments.

I take photographs because photography is, for me, an act of everyday mindfulness.

I take photographs because doing so has become a necessity, perhaps even a compulsion:

I take photographs because it makes me happy.


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  • What a great post!
    I am exactly the same. My family often ask me, ‘Why are you taking a photo of that?’ I’m not criticising them but I think creative people see the beauty in certain things that other people just dont see! x

  • Agree on all points, and will add that I take photos because it is my own way of meditating. I’m rather hopeless at sitting still in the lotus position and trying to concentrate on my breathing, but behind a camera, I finally can slow down into the moment and “just be.”

  • Ditto! I love photography, though I’ve hit a wall lately and feel like I’m not getting any better. Do you ever feel that way and don’t feel like taking pictures for a while?
    Do you have any recommendations on how you think you’ve improved best? I’ve thought of getting a book to use for practise but there are so many out there…