on the October table, 2015

october table-1

I am documenting the year with monthly photographs of my kitchen table. Capturing the jumble that accumulates here, at the heart of the kitchen, is also a way to record some of the domestic stories of our family life.

The October table is faded and muted, quite different from the vibrant leaves that I see through the window in the garden. The flowers this month are dried- a pair of gorgeous blue hydrangeas that I teased out of a farmers market posy a few Saturdays ago, and left on the mantel to dry out. The petals are a little shrivelled, but they are pretty, nevertheless.

Tea, of course, in one of my favourite mugs (a replica of the the one that Dylan Thomas used in his writing shed) resting on a lace doily that was a present from my parents when they and my brother visited Prague. It seems to make a regular appearance in my Instagram tabletop shots: I love its delicacy against the dark oak of the table.

Also on the table, a beautiful oak-handled knife. Not mine, although I admire it greatly, but my husband’s – a belated birthday present, with which he was delighted. It’s from wonderful online shop, The Future Kept, which is run by lovely Jeska and Dean, both of whom we had the pleasure of hanging out with at The Good Life Experience this year. Dean’s an amazing photographer, and he took this beauty, which is my favourite shot of the festival, in fact probably my favourite shot of the entire year!

The magazine is called Landlust (Spirit of the Countryside). A best-seller in Germany, it is now launching in the UK, and I was sent a copy to try. It’s full of gardening, recipes and craft tutorials, but it was the central spread that really captured my heart. Entitled Ethereal Fruit, it’s an article about creating seasonal decorations with Clematis Vitalba (Old Man’s Beard). I adore Old Man’s Beard (or Traveller’s Joy, its rather prettier name), so this fabulous image drew me in instantly.

Finally, a polaroid, snapped whilst at The Welsh House, of some of the amazing light that streamed through every window. There was something about that cottage that captured my heart, and I’m still dreaming of it weeks later. The days grow cooler and darker, and that magical light grows scarcer and scarcer, every ray feels like a precious gift at this time of the year.

Faded brown, cream, blue and gold : the October table.


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  • I bought that exact same knife for my husband’s birthday – it is beautiful. The magazine sounds absolutely fantastic – one to look out for. I love your table tops Laura x

  • Lovely post Laura. My German mother-in-law subscribes to Landlust and I love reading it when we visit. Always features beautiful seasonal crafts and recipes, although given my German isn’t the best it could be I’m pleased to hear there’ll be an English version. Is it just a translation or does it feature articles based in the UK xx