on the October 2017 table

I am documenting the year with monthly photographs of my kitchen table. Capturing the jumble that accumulates here, at the heart of the kitchen, is also a way to record some of the domestic stories of our family life.

Over the last months, for one reason or another, these table posts have lapsed. I had wondered, in fact, whether it might be time to stop sharing the table’s stories, but when I mentioned on Twitter that I had revived this blog and given it something of a makeover, several people messaged to say that they had missed these on the table posts, and hoped they would return. So, for the kind folk who take an interest in this scratched old wooden table and the stories that it tells, here is the October table.

There are no flowers on the October table, despite the fact that the last of the dahlias from the farm honesty box shop are currently adorning my mantel. Instead, there are two teazels that my four year old picked from beside the canal on a walk last Sunday. He was delighted with them- their name, and their curious spiky form, and his affection reminded me of my own fondness for their charms.

Tea, always, in my favourite striped mug from Laugharne. The amethyst crystal was a gift, given to me at the end of a recent photography shoot that I did for The Owl & The Apothecary as part of their exciting new product launch, coming up next week. It was the day of Storm Ophelia’s strange weather conditions and we went from shooting in near darkness to shooting in bright sunshine in the space of just a few hours. I was shooting as part of a fantastic team, and I’m thrilled with the images that we created.

My photographs are also in the most recent issue of Lionheart, a feature compiling several of my glasshouse images, together with quotations from my captions, which editor Hels has somehow made to feel like poetry. I’ve also written my usual book reviews, this time with the theme of pattern and colour. Finally on the table, a beautiful leather journal that was given to me as part of my ongoing collaboration with Taylors. I’m excited to begin recording my story within its pages.

So, here is October and a return to the table and its stories. Thank you for stopping by to visit. Can I make you a cup of tea?

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  • Happy to see your October table…
    Your “littles” have good taste in flowers…I love teasels also. Its fun to spray them with silver or gold paint for holiday decorating….although you probably wouldn’t want the boys to do this…

  • Hello Laura, this series is delightful and I am glad you decided to continue! I like your monthly poems as well. And I was glad to see you had a chance to visit the wonderful Persephone store. I don’t live in your country, so it was a very special experience for me to be there in person when I was in London. It left me with a lasting feeling of a calm and serene joy whenever I look at my books, or at such a pretty photo as your’s. (love your photography, by the way – but I guess that’s the reason most of us are here…)

    So glad I found you via Oosterbook’s instagram! Looking forward to coming here often!