May 8, 2013

not blue but white



It is almost time for walking amongst the bluebells. There are quite a number of bluebell woods near to where we live, and I have been looking forward to the season for stepping out into those waves of glorious blue. Like everything else, the bluebells are a little later this year, but I am noticing more and more on roadside verges and in patches of woodland. The bells which flower in our garden are not blue, but white. I have brought some inside to remind me that the time is now, and the woods are calling.

Joining in with Lou’s Nature in the Home series.

12 thoughts on “not blue but white

  1. katie

    Oh I love white, painting the whole upstairs and stairwell white at the moment, in fact should be painting now. Your flowers are delightful. Katie x

  2. Mammasaurus

    Love the white, we have a little clump outside or front door, some blue, some white and some pink – all just make me smile – lovely images x

  3. caroline

    Beautiful! I didn’t even realise you could get white ones until I started foraging in the garden for this series – I guess I just hadnt taken any notice before! They really are pretty. xx

  4. dottycookie

    We saw our first few this weekend – always such a welcome sight. I love the haziness of a bluebell wood in full flower. There’s nothing quite like it.


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