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Whilst I love the freshness that a new year brings, I have never been drawn to the firm decisiveness of new year’s resolutions, preferring instead the gentler path of intentions. I do not make promises that I might easily find myself breaking, but I do dare to express hopes, and perhaps even the shadow of a plan.

One of my intentions this year, is to write. To find some moments of stillness, in the maelstrom of family life, and to pick up a notebook and pen. To practice writing, to make a practice of writing.

To aid me, I have fresh pens, and beautiful notebooks. I have also come across, via Rebecca, the Writealm daily writing prompts. Last year, using prompts for my photography was rather transformative. Perhaps the impetus to write will be similarly beneficial. I do not hope to write daily, but I would love to write regularly.

All I need now is the courage to make those first inscriptions on an as yet untainted page…

{today’s Writealm prompt was new habits}

{the gorgeous ‘productive’ notebook was a gift from my parents, it comes from Howkapow, and is now in their sale. I was unable to resist a ‘daring’ one to match!}


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  • Beautiful words. I love the simplicity of it. I started the write alm this month so that is my “new habit” although I am not per se writing I am jotting down short answers to the prompts. I do journal and try to do that everyday. My journal is filled with thankfulness for many blessings. Have a beautiful day!

  • Hello! I’m exactly the same – hoping to write (and draw) more, and I’ve actually got past the point of putting pen to paper in some beautiful notebooks I’d stashed away for ages.
    Happy 2014. Wishing you lots of inspiration 🙂
    Sarah x

  • Oh what a perfect resolution! as you know, I love to write! -it is balm for my soul.
    (thanks for the sweet shout out as well)
    & I am so happy you found Write Alm!

    this post is perfect for today’s prompt.

  • Ooh, a new notebook is always a good invitation to start writing. And I love how having an online space doesn’t stop us from filling up paper notebooks. Wishing you luck with your new habit!

  • So much loveliness in one post! Beautiful sentiments about resolutions vs intentions. Divine notebook (from a stationery fiend) that link has now been opened for perusal, as has the prompt a day. I bought myself this beauty for much the same reasons, but was thinking it would be nice to have a set topic to write about and so that link has also been opened now!

    So far this year I have taken my fifteen minutes before bed (even lighting a candle for a sense of occasion!) and written a few lines. I keep a larger notebook next to it and then if I get the urge to write more once I’ve started I can.

    Thank you for all the links!

  • Fresh pens and notebooks are perhaps the writer’s magical tools…

    It’s always fun to find a new notebook for writing, I do the same for my drawing. It’s like a new beginning. Unfortunately, for my photography I can’t always buy a new lens for inspirations (although I have done so a couple of times! 😉