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Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day and the longest night, the arrival of which heralds the gradual returning of the light. We shall be lighting candles in its honour, and bringing in greenery from the woods. There is something so very magical about these darkest days of the year. I try not to bemoan the gloomy skies and lack of light, because I do so adore the early glow of the streetlights, the scent of woodsmoke in the air, the flicker of candles and the cold evenings curled up under a blanket with my knitting in front of the fire.

file2fileAs ever, my friend Lou (of Littlegreenshed) and I are united in our love of Midwinter, and of the simple, natural and beautiful ways in which it can be celebrated. With this in mind, we’ve decided to re-launch our shared seasonal hashtag project over on our favourite, Instagram. We loved the images that you shared via #anatural_autumn, and now we want to see all the loveliness that you can bring to #anatural_midwinter. We want to collect together little moments of celebration: the things that we do to light up the darkness, and to bring the outside in.

file1If you are on Instagram, please, do join us. We’d love to see your gathered greenery, your homemade wreaths, your lit candles, and your natural decorations. It’s all about the slow and simple, the natural and the pared back; let’s share the small gentle rituals with which we mark this Midwinter season. To join in, just upload your pictures to Instagram using #anatural_midwinter. You’ll find me as @circleofpines and Lou as @littlegreenshed. We would love to see your images and to share together in the simple beauty of these days as we approach the turning of the year.


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  • Oh my. I am so jealous right now. I’m trying really hard to welcome the new Summer here in Australia but when the first few weeks of it include days over 35 degrees Celsius, it’s a little difficult. Goodness knows how hot it’ll actually get. I will be thinking of you glove wearers, hunkering down for the deep cold Winter, doing fabulous things with holly and baskets in the snow.