A Natural Midwinter

naturalmidwinter2Whether you celebrate the Winter Solstice, Christmas, Yule, all three, or none of these at all, there is something so very magical about these darkest days of the year. I try not to bemoan the gloomy skies and lack of light, because I do so adore the early glow of the streetlights, the scent of woodsmoke in the air, the flicker of candles and the cold evenings curled up under a blanket with my knitting in front of the fire.

My friend Lou (of Littlegreenshed) and I are united in our love of Midwinter, and of the simple, natural and beautiful ways in which it can be celebrated. With this in mind, we’ve decided to launch a little shared seasonal hashtag project over on our favourite, Instagram. Using #anaturalmidwinter, we want to collect together little moments of celebration: the things that we do to light up the darkness, and to bring the outside in.

If you are on Instagram, please, do join us. We’d love to see your gathered greenery, your homemade wreaths, your lit candles, and your natural decorations. It’s all about the slow and simple, the natural and the pared back; let’s share the small gentle rituals with which we mark this Midwinter season. We’ll be beginning our project this Sunday (29th November), the first Sunday of advent.  To join in, just upload your pictures to Instagram using #anaturalmidwinter, and tag me (@circleofpines) and Lou (@littlegreenshed) so that we can see your images and share together in the simple beauty of these days as we approach the turning of the year.

naturalmidwinterIf this has inspired you, you’ll find plenty more Midwinter inspiration over on our collaborative pinboard:

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{Images in this post taken by me at the Sisterhood Winter Supper}

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  • I adore mid winter and all of the ingredients from the woods for decorating. To me it’s not so much the particular day of a holiday but the celebration of the season and all it has to offer. I work in the studio daily and collect many things on my walks. I just wrapped and sent off my daughters and son in laws parcel to Paris. Every thing in there was wrapped in brown paper and tied with a piece of wool with a sprig of rosemary attached. Included were some of my home made beeswax candles which is such a lovely ritual to do every year at this time. I will definitely take part in your beautiful project!