May 11, 2013

my blogging view

My lovely friend Sabrina over at Wolves in London has asked me to share my blogging view…


My favourite blogging spot is the sofa, in which case my blogging view is out of my sitting room window. It’s a south-facing sash bay, which lets in plenty of light, and the view is at its very best in May, because the cherry tree is in bloom and the window frames a mass of fluffy pink petals.

Having a peek at what other bloggers see as they blog seems to me to be a rather intriguing insight. If you fancy joining in and sharing your own blogging view, I would love to see it!

15 thoughts on “my blogging view

  1. Sabrina

    So stunning, Laura!

    I always think it’s fascinating seeing where people sit and write. Your views seem so in keeping with what’s on your blog: beautiful and full of nature…

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    (I used the Twitter hashtag #bloggingview if anyone else wants to show us a photo over there…)

    1. Laura

      Having had a peek at your blogging view, Natalie, I suggest that anyone else reading does the same. I don’t think it will disappoint! x

  2. Ali

    I looked at my own blogging view and saw that my calender still hasn’t made it over the page to May. Says it all really!

  3. annie

    I recognize those curtains! both photos are gorgoeous but that one of the pines is utterly amazing, i love it.

  4. Kate

    Two very beautiful views, although I have to agree that the top one is the most beautiful one. You’ve captured it at its best, it looks so tranquil. I wonder how old those trees are.

  5. katie

    Thanks, will leave a link when I do my blogging view, builders absent lots now they’re nearly finished so I’m keen to blog about everything and anything now. katie x

  6. Dewena Callis

    Both of your blogging views are wonderful and offer you a completely opposite theme, depending on your mood, I imagine. Saying hello after seeing the circle of pines picture at Brenda’s Cozy Little House.


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