February 27, 2013



Tomorrow is the last day of February, thank goodness! I have found the endless and oppressive greyness a bit of a struggle of late. Spring seems to be a long time coming this year. To keep myself cheerful, I have made sure that there have been fresh flowers in the house every day this month, whether a bunch of daffodils or a small pot of bulbs. Just enough to inject a little colour and brighten up the mantelpiece or table.

I was passing a rather fancy florist last weekend who had pots of muscari on sale for £2. I couldn’t resist. I took a snap of them on my phone today, and thought that I would share it with you as part of Lou’s Nature in the Home series.

Do you bring a little nature inside at this time of year?

6 thoughts on “muscari

  1. Anke (anchorandsing)

    What a great idea! I totally agree that those February days without sunshine are so depressing. I’ve been doing lots of planning for brighter days and that’s kept me going. Love the idea of some actual greenery in the house though, I should go and find some branches to put into a vase:)


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