on the May table


I am documenting the year with monthly photographs of my kitchen table. Capturing the jumble that accumulates here, at the heart of the kitchen, is also a way to record some of the domestic stories of our family life.

May, already! Today’s cup of coffee was a strong one: the babe is still not sleeping too well. He is forgiven, however, because of his overwhelming sweetness. He’s learned to play peepbo, to blow kisses and to wave. Most winning of all is his newfound ability to say ‘Mama’, which is why I chose this mug. I bought it when his elder brother was still a toddler, to remind me of those precious days.

Time with this littlest boy of mine is flying by so fast: he will turn one in a matter of weeks, hence the felt number badge. We have a selection of birthday traditions, one of which is a mama-made felt badge, and this one was worn by both his brothers before him on their first birthdays. I have a pile of felt on my desk, ready to make him his own birthday crown, another ritual much-loved in this house. The number four badge will also be making an appearance- my youngest boys’ birthdays are but one day apart. I find birthdays, particularly first ones, to be bittersweet, so it will be an emotional week for me, albeit a lovely one.

Since moving to the countryside three years ago, May has become my favourite month of the year. This is largely to do with my love of cow parsley and hawthorn blossom. The hedges and verges, with their white fluff, are prettier now than at any time. The baby was fractious this morning, so I took him for a walk in the buggy, along the road and down a shady path lined with cow parsley. I gathered up bunch of it to bring home with me, channeling Constance Fry. Back in the kitchen, I bundled it into a striped vintage jug, that I picked up at a French brocante  a couple of summers ago, joining in with Lou for Nature in the Home.

The ball of yarn is self-striping sock yarn, from Stray Cat Socks, and it’s ready to be cast on for my summer knitting. I love having a small project in my bag in case I have the opportunity to fit in a few rows on the beach, perched on a rock or sitting on a blanket in a field. Following my success with the baby socks, I’m having a go at some for myself. I came across the yarn on Jane Brocket’s blog and it was exactly the sock yarn I’d been looking for: vibrant colours in simple stripes.

Finally, the map of South Cornwall. Excitement in this house is reaching fever-pitch as we prepare for our first ever Cornish holiday. Despite being a Devonshire girl by birth, I’ve spent very little time in Cornwall, and have never been further south than Padstow. We’re staying near the Lizard peninsula and there is an ever-growing list of wonderful-sounding places that we are hoping to visit: if you have any suggestions, do leave them in the comments, I’d love to hear them. Maps are such pleasing and evocative things to pore over, it’s the nicest kind of research, with the promise of delights to come.

Turquoise, blue and white: the May table.

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  • I loved reading this post, and what a lovely idea for a series, documenting your life through what accumulates on the table, and I enjoyed finding out about your traditions with the felt numbers and crowns. Hope you have lovely birthdays (know what you mean about the bitter sweetness of the first), and I used to go to Cornwall every year for my summer holidays as a child – always near the Lizard – absolutely love it. Made a return trip there a couple of years ago.

  • We’re off to Cornwall soon, it’s a beautiful place. My littlest boy will be having a birthday soon as well, and you’re right, it’s bittersweet. I’m enjoying the cow parsley around here, it’s a lovely time of year. Hope you have a good weekend Laura. CJ xx

  • Such a lovely chronicle and love the birthday badge & crown ideas. Hope you all have lovely days.

    Enjoy your Cornish adventure. We go most years (usually Port Isaac) but visited the Lizard in my teens. Helston is a charming town but if I were going back it would be Cadgwith Cove I’d head for. I can’t resist colourful fishing boats!

    Have a onderful time xx

  • Hey Laura – I live very close to the Lizard ( my girls are at school there) – drop me an email if you like & I’ll think up some visits for you – and if you fancy a coffee…!

  • The Helford passage is glorious, go to Glendurgan garden and on to Durgan beach. Lots of lovely family friendly pubs such as the Pandora, I grew up near Helston where we just had Flora day x

  • A trip to Cornwall is something worthy of serious excitement! I like the wild West Penwith coast. Zennor is a tiny spot, with a lovely cafe, classic pub and easy walk to the coast path. 🙂