on the May table, 2015


May is the month of Cow Parsley, or Queen Anne’s Lace if you prefer its prettier name. This is the very week when it is at its peak and bright, delicate swathes of it swish alongside every path and on the roadside verges. It is, without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite time of year to be in the countryside. Since Polly taught me to briefly scald the ends of the stems in boiling water to preserve the petals, almost every room in the house has been prettified by a jug or a bottle of it. This little bunch sits in a school milk bottle that was a gift from my parents.

This month, I’m reading issue two of In Clover magazine. If you haven’t come across it before, I urge you to seek out a copy. It’s a gorgeous magazine, with an emphasis on offline pursuits. In Clover is so beautifully put together that even the scent of its pages is delicious! I’m delighted that my piece, Meditation in Yarn has been published in this issue, along with a couple of my photographs. It’s about the meditative art of knitting, and is a piece that has been in my head for a long time. The very first blog post that I ever wrote, back when I started a craft blog in 2010, was about the meditative qualities of knitting. I’ve come a long way since then, but the soothing movement of the needles still calms me as much as it ever did.

Also on the table is a rather beautiful feather that arrived in the post earlier this week, along with an invitation from my good friend Lou over at Littlegreenshed. Ever the visionary, Lou is organising an amazing event called Sisterhood Camp, a gathering of creative, freelance women. It’s in just a couple of weeks time now, and I could not be more excited about it. I’m sure I shall share our adventures with you here in due course.

There’s a cup of mint tea, in a pretty floral teacup, which is no stranger to the table. Finally, two vintage printer’s blocks, which I bought from the local market a couple of weeks ago. One for each of the youngest boys, both of whom have an eagerly anticipated birthday this month. In this house, May is the month of cow parsley and of birthdays.

Brown, white and green: the May 2015 table.

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  • There’s an eagerly anticipated birthday looming here as well. A list is being painstakingly compiled. The cow parsley is gorgeous at the moment isn’t it. I’ve got some on my mantel with a white rose at the moment, I love it. Your school milk bottle is lovely. I saw some a while ago and have regretted not picking one up. So many memories of school milk and those pink straws! Well done on the publication of your piece in Clover. I do so love your writing, it’s always so evocative. And the meditation of knitting and crochet is something I completely understand. CJ xx

  • still waiting for the cow parsley here, we’re a bit behind.
    eldest is eagerly anticipating end of exams here, and the party that follows it. pretty party shoes have been ordered. and a bag. and a dress. in fact more shopping than for a birthday………

  • This table is so evocative of May and everything it stands for in our house too. Cow parsley is starting to encroach our garden’s edges and although I know I should probably cut it back, I really don’t want to yet.

  • I thought I’d pop over from Instagram to say hi! A sweet shot – the church I walk past on the way to work is full of cow parsley, it looks gorgeous. I hope you have a lovely birthday month.