May 1, 2014

May Day

may basket

Happy May day! Today, I’ll be joining in with my friend Lou and her lovely plan to revive the pagan tradition of May baskets: small posies of flowers, left anonymously on the doorsteps of neighbours or friends, on the first day of May.

I’ve been saving up empty baby food jars and picking snippets from the garden. This little jar has wallflowers, lilac buds, white bluebells and the first of the aquilegia. Let’s hope that it brightens the recipient’s day…

You can see more posies on Instagram by searching for #NITHMayDay

{ Joining in with Lou as part of Nature in the Home }


9 thoughts on “May Day

  1. Dale

    What a most lovely idea! Would that we had enough flowers blooming to do the same here. It’s a late spring for us here in the Montreal, Canada region!

  2. Clare

    Such a lovely tradition I’ve just made one for my Mum, while dodging the down pours, myabe I’ll pop over and join the link up.
    Clare xx


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