hot chocolate with marshmallow snowflakes

hot chocolate with marshmallow snowflakes

making marshmallow snowflakes

“Let’s make homemade marshmallows to have with hot chocolate” read Saturday’s advent activity. My boys are hot chocolate devotees: it’s their beverage of choice if we visit a cafe, for lazy weekend breakfasts, to warm up after a rainy school run. We always carry a flask of hot chocolate when out on a walk, and they will search out the ultimate log on which to sit and drink a mug of it. The best hot chocolate, as far as they are concerned, however, is one that comes with marshmallows.

It seemed high time that we gave homemade marshmallows a try. I used Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s recipe¬†and did all of the preparation whilst the boys were in bed (boiling hot sugar and small boys isn’t the best combination). It was really rather satisfying, as the mixer whirred, to see the egg white and sugar syrup whipping and thickening and turning to true, sticky, cloud-like marshmallow!

The next morning, the boys were greeted by a baking tray spread with fresh marshmallow, set and ready to cut. We couldn’t resist making use of the snowflake cutters that we bought last year for gingerbread. A pile of puffy snowflakes ensued and we packed some away in the rucksack to take out to the woods. Our mid-walk hot chocolate has never looked prettier than with a couple of melting snowflakes swirled in.

I made our usual hot chocolate, which is Green and Blacks cocoa powder with full fat milk and some sugar. I do rather fancy one of the more luxurious hot chocolate recipes, however. I’ve been meaning to give this Jamie Oliver one a try, and I’ve also come across a recipe for slow cooker hot chocolate¬†which, as a recent slow cooker devotee, sounds extremely tempting!

Do you have a favourite hot chocolate recipe? I’d love to know.

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