the first of March

daffodils for st david's day

eggs laid today

teacups and cake

Some would say that March 1st is the first day of spring. My Grandad was one of those people: today would have been his birthday. After the chills of last March, I am a little more circumspect about declaring the seasons to have turned. Nevertheless, St David’s day certainly signals a shift. It’s the beginning of the end for winter: the wind’s breath just a little warmer, the sunshine just a little brighter.

It was particularly bright today, such a tonic to feel the rays on our faces. The eldest boys spent the morning with my parents, leaving D and I free to wander the farmers’ market, with the baby engaged and cheerful in the sling on D’s back. It was a welcome treat to spend a quiet morning together, to drink a leisurely cup of tea and to linger over all the temptations that the market had to offer.

Hello, March. You are so welcome.

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