on the March table, 2015


I am documenting the years with monthly photographs of my kitchen table. Capturing the jumble that accumulates here, at the heart of the kitchen, is also a way to record some of the domestic stories of our family life.

March brings with it the spring, and the first of the flowers from the garden. These are twigs from my beloved magnolia tree. Impatient for it to flower, I brought these inside to force them, a magic trick that I never tire of. The jug in which they stand was bought from a Normandy brocante several summers ago. It’s one of a trio of blue and white French jugs that stand on the top shelf of my dresser. The magnolia tree will almost certainly bloom before the month is out, its annual week of glory.

Once again, a skein of yarn is on the table, a recurring theme over the passing months. This lovely soft aqua silk was handspun. I picked it up whilst on holiday a few years ago, but could never decide what to knit with it . It occurred to me that it might be good for weaving. Now that I’ve finished my first woven piece, I’m looking forward to re-threading the loom and experimenting some more.

Also on the table, a whelk shell that I reduced from the edge of the estuary when I returned to Laugharne during our Welsh weekend last month. The four year old filled his bucket with these pretties when we were on the beach at Tenby. He share’s his mother’s treasure-seeking fervour when he is beside the shore!

I am reading The Moth, a literary magazine that was very kindly sent to me by a blog reader, Claire, who works for the magazine. It’s an absolute beauty: fiction, poetry and illustration perfectly combined on its thick pages. Claire also sent The Caterpillar, its sister mag, which is for children, and is equally lovely. Settling down with a cup of tea and these two is a treat.

The hand-thrown mug that holds my tea has featured on the table before, in August last year. It’s one that I’ve had since I was a teen. Finally, the polaroid, taken a year and a half ago with my Polaroid Spectra. It’s the little legs and tiny toes of the three boys, and is usually stuck to the shelf above my desk. I took it down to remind me that I should re-take it one sunny day, now that those legs are longer and toes a little bigger. There’s something particularly special about Polaroids and the moments which they capture; more than any other photograph, a polaroid image feels like time, frozen.

Pink, turquoise, beige and blue: the March 2015 table

{A selection of my ‘on the table’ photographs from last year are being published in the upcoming issue of Kindred magazine. It’s something that I never would have envisioned when I began the series back in January 2014, and I was absolutely thrilled when editor Amanda requested that I submit them. The magazine is available to pre-order here.}

{last March’s table}

{January’s table}

{February’s table}

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  • Hi Laura congratulations!! I’m not surprised your lovely photos have been picked up by a magazine-they capture something ethereal in a special way and thank you so much for mentioning The Moth, so glad you liked it!

  • I love this series so much, it’s always such a treat so I’m not surprised it’s going to be in a magazine. Well done you, but very well deserved. The yarn is gorgeous, I shall look forward to seeing what you make. Lovely to see the magnolia. They are my favourite trees at this time of year, truly breathtaking. I’ve ordered a tiny white one, and I have very high hopes for it. I hope you all have a good weekend Laura. CJ xx