on the March 2016 table

march table

I am documenting the year with monthly photographs of my kitchen table. Capturing the jumble that accumulates here, at the heart of the kitchen, is also a way to record some of the domestic stories of our family life.

On the March table, the last of the snowdrops, a little bunch bought from the farmer’s market on a rainy Saturday, displayed in a little old bottle that has ‘Birds Lemonade Crystals’ embossed on the side, and which I picked up, dusty and unloved, from a car boot sale a couple of years ago.

There is tea, of course, in a Berylware teacup, found in a box of odd teacups at the local vintage market. My mum-in-law has a huge collection of Berylware, and I think her love for it is contagious. This soft green is such a soothing colour, and I find that it pops up time and again in my Instagram feed.

A polaroid photograph, from a trip to the beach a couple of years ago. We visited the same beach just a couple of days ago on a brief trip to Wales (images of which to follow). My Polaroid cameras have been gathering dust, but with the sunlight returning, I shall bring them out again. I have also recently been filled with determination to print photographs. Whilst I take hundreds of them, I am just terrible at remembering to print. I miss the pleasure of holding them in my hands, of propping them on my mantel, of showing them to the boys. After the Easter holidays, I am on a printing mission!

Unusually, I’ve photographed my iPad on the table. You may already know (or perhaps not, I’m not always that brilliant at self-publisising!) that I am now the deputy editor of independent lifestyle magazine, 91 Magazine. I’m thrilled to be working with editor Caroline and the team on such a gorgeous publication, and am excited to be able to tell you that pre-orders for our very first print edition are now open. If you’d like to order a copy (please do!), just click on the image on the left, or click here. You may just be in time to bag one of the last available limited edition free gifts for preorders… Oh and if you haven’t read it,  and you’d like to know about my favourite flowers and what my radio’s tuned to on a Sunday afternoon, you may be interested in the interview with me over on the 91 blog.

Finally on the table, some skeins of embroidery thread. I’m intending to try my hand at cross stitch again (for the first time in a couple of decades!) to join with the Stitch for Syria campaign. You can read more about it here, and see my 91 teammates’ contributions (they’re intimidatingly good!) here.

Turquoise, green and white : the March 2016 table.

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  • Another lovely table of items Laura, thank you for sharing. I’m in love with your tea cup and saucer, it’s my favourite shade of green. Congratulations on becoming Deputy Editor of 91 magazine. I’ve ordered my copy and am looking forward to it arriving.