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I am never without a camera, whether it’s my iPhone, my DSLR, or occasionally one of my vintage film cameras. Whilst I’m always ready to capture photographs, shooting films is something that I’ve been far less comfortable with. Last year, I took Xanthe Berkeley’s amazing ECourse, Creating Time Capsules, and it utterly transformed the way in which I capture our family memories on video. Truly, it was a revelation, a joy, and a gift to our future selves.

When Xanthe asked me if I’d like to take her latest course, Make Films, I jumped at the chance. Ten weeks of movie-making with Xanthe? Yes please! Her Tuesday morning email became the highlight of my week, packed with inspiration, tips and tricks for shooting and editing a range of different films. We learned how to shoot ‘scenes from the weekend’ and ‘day in the life’ memory films, as well as playing with techniques such as time lapse and slow-mo to create short films to share on Instagram.

Having been given a tripod for my birthday, I found that my tabletop, setting for my favourite series of Instagram shots, inspired me to begin a series of films that add motion to the still-life images that I shoot there. Slo-mo knitting, time lapse baking, stop motion books. I learned so much from Xanthe about the kinds of films that it’s possible to make, generally with just a phone. Most of my films were just 15 seconds long – the length allowed on Instagram- but it’s amazing how much feeling and narrative can be packed into 15 short seconds. For the memory films, I generally made a longer version, editing down a 15 seconds highlights reel to share.

I found that the weekly assignments compelled me to keep shooting and experimenting, and I’ll take everything that I’ve learned and use it to develop my film-making, both for Instagram, and for our family archives. If you’d like to sign up for the Make Films course, enrolment is now open, and the course begins again on Tuesday 22nd March. Whether you want to make films to share on social media, to capture precious moments, or just learn a new skill, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

You can view some of my films below. Check out the #makefilmscourse hashtag on Instagram for a whole lot more…

Scenes from the Weekend from Laura (circleofpines) on Vimeo.

Bakewell Hearts from Laura (circleofpines) on Vimeo.

slowmoknitting2 from Laura (circleofpines) on Vimeo.

{ Disclosure: I paid for my place on the Making Time Capsules course but was gifted a place on the Make Films course. Xanthe didn’t ask me to blog about it, I just wanted to share it with you because it truly is brilliant!}

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