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It’s the second month of my #littlestoriesofmylife project over on Instagram. A second month of celebrating and/or sharing the tiniest elements of the stories of our lives. Small doesn’t equate to insignificant: these are the little moments that add up to the narratives that carry us all. In Instagram’s frames of beauty or of emotion, we are each the teller of our own story. Once again, I asked for people to share their stories by tagging with #littlestoriesofmylife any picture that captures a moment, or contains a narrative, however small it may be.

Louise of Bookishly was kind enough to provide a three month subscription to her brilliant new Tea and Book Club as a prize for my favourite image. Once again, difficult part was choosing it! There were well over 1000 entries over the course of the month. So many lovely images, and so many wonderful small stories. It was truly a privilege to share in every one. As with last month, I have selected six favourites, and one overall winner. I include with each image its caption, for therein the details of the story can be found.Photo 01-11-2015, 16 32 04@meg_nlo: ‘I looked over, and there he was… laying under the most beautiful tree in our yard watching the leaves blow in the wind. Something so beyond his 1 1/2 years of life.’

Photo 01-11-2015, 16 31 50@elsisejoo: ‘sunday morning is my favorite. a perfect cup of tea and lit candles to start the day ☕️🍁’

Photo 01-11-2015, 16 34 33@theteapotexplodes: ‘Creepers, creeping. I walk past this wall in my neighbourhood all the time and always think it looks like wild and messy hair over a secret garden door… ‘

Photo 01-11-2015, 16 35 14@mafyno: ‘{ I’ll make you into a chariot! } Because it’s this time of year! We went to the local pumpkin grower’s party the other day to see the friendly competition about who had grown the biggest one 🎃 They we’re grumbling a bit about the cold summer, but still the winner weighed in at 160kg – definitely big enough that L couldn’t move it! Finishing off with pumpkin soup straight out of a giant pumpkin was too good and very popular with the girls. 👭 ‘

Photo 01-11-2015, 16 32 25@mrsbrownmakes: ‘A fixed point… Like a dancer twirling, when my head is a whirlwind I can focus on my crochet and not lose my balance.’

Photo 01-11-2015, 16 32 18@flojoro123: ‘~ Buns from my childhood ~ Maybe it’s the season which always make me a little nostalgic, maybe it’s getting another year older but I seem to be reminiscing a lot about specific things which remind me of my childhood. This is causing much amusement for my husband as my thoughts have drifted towards the bacon of my childhood (home cured & streaky), the trees of my childhood (Limes) and now the buns of my childhood. Very simple buns with raisins and cherries, always baked my grandmother and always my favourite ✨’

And finally, my favourite image is by Beth of @peggypeg__ I love this photograph so much. It’s a beautiful tabletop composition, but it also perfectly captures a magical everyday moment between Beth and her son. It tugged at my heart, this image- the quiet cup of tea, interrupted by a sweet cuddle, tiny hands clutching a toy train. Little happenings like these are so commonplace when our children are small, and yet small ones grow, and change so quickly, and I know all too well that moments like this are transient and oh so very, very precious.

Photo 01-11-2015, 16 38 23@peggypeg__: ‘And then along came a little person to sit upon my lap. With flour on his jumper, clutching a toy train❤️’

Beth, do email me with your address, and I’ll arrange for your subscription to begin!

Thank you to everyone who has taken part so far. The #littlestoriesofmylife gallery is a truly wonderful space to lose a few moments. The project is an ongoing one, so if you are on Instagram, please do continue to tag your images. November’s prize is this gorgeous handmade Glacis Dip mug from long-time favourite store of mine, Howkapow. I look forward to sharing in your stories in the weeks ahead.


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