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We’ve just reached the end of the fourth month of my #littlestoriesofmylife project over on Instagram, celebrating and/or sharing the tiniest elements of the stories of our lives. Small doesn’t equate to insignificant: these are the little moments that add up to the narratives that carry us all. In Instagram’s frames of beauty or of emotion, we are each the teller of our own story. I ask for people to share their stories by tagging with #littlestoriesofmylife any picture that captures a moment, or contains a narrative, however small it may be. Amazingly, there have been over 7000 posts to date, with this collection of little stories growing every day.

The White Company were kind enough to provide a set of Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen and a pair of Cashmere Bed Socks as a prize for my favourite December image. It was a challenge to choose it! The hashtag is full of so many beautiful images, and so many wonderful small stories. It is always a privilege to share in every one. As with last month, I have selected six favourites, and one overall winner. I include with each image its caption, for therein the details of the story can be found.thislittlecorner@thislittlecorner: [ mistletoe in the wild ]
I spotted it from the window, in the distance by the shape and colour of the bunches on what appeared to be an otherwise leafless tree! I told my boys the plan to jump the small barbed wire fence and go investigate. I asked if they wanted to join me but they were not keen! I pulled on my boots, got past the wire, and ran down the hill. To my delight I saw the biggest haul of mistletoe I’ve ever seen in the wild ( as opposed to a shop ) just slightly out of reach, I jumped about and snapped branches, nodded at my audience ( nearby sheep and boys at the window) then, I ran back to the house.rosehippaper

@rosehippaper: Still holding onto Christmas, lighting candles every morning & so far refusing to clear up the front room which is full of opened presents, toys and half eaten chocolate oranges. Normally I’m in a rush to tidy up and get things under control but this year I’m trying to chill out and just let things be. I feel a lot more content.notallarelost

@notallarelost: The kids have been sick but today we bundled up & took our coughs & runny noses to get some fresh air. It was just what we needed


@ffionmckeown: There are good days and bad days, then there are days like this; just me and him in our little home, with Nat King Cole singing Christmas songs and spoonfuls of spiced hot chocolate, thick like pudding and eaten straight from the pan.


@cecilemoli: Wishing you the loveliest Christmas dear friends… Driving South today to my husband’s family. Beautiful villages and landscapes… Can’t wait.bymeeni@bymeeni: Baking cookies. I’ve been trying out recipes and using some new cutters.
This time of year can be fraught, stressful, lonely, demanding as well as joyful and wonderful. The pictures that I post tell one little bit of my story. The story of making stuff, of creating images.

And finally, my favourite image- a stand-out winner for me, this month, is by Xanthe Berkeley  Xanthe is a wonderfully talented photographer and filmmaker, who captures beauty and colour everywhere she goes. This photograph, I just adore it. Not only does it perfectly encapsulate the story of a boy’s excitement about Christmas, but it’s also a moment of pure, unadulterated Peter Pan-like magic.


@xantheb: Much needed slow morning at home after a full on week… Now to try and catch up with some festive preparations. Someone is very excited about Christmas… Happy Saturday lovelies.

Xanthe, do email me your address, and I’ll arrange for your prize to be sent out to you.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part so far. The #littlestoriesofmylife gallery remains a magical space to lose a few moments. The project is an ongoing one, so if you are on Instagram, please do continue to tag your images. January’s prize is a gorgeous handmade scented candle from Nota Bene Wares. I look forward to sharing in your stories in the weeks ahead.

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