Little Stories of my Life

I’m so sorry, lovely readers, that things have been a little quiet here of late. Behind the scenes, I’ve been holed up in my tiny office, typing away, reading piles of books and scribbling in endless notebooks. I’ve been creating something that I’m genuinely excited to share with you, something that feels like the culmination of almost a decade of creative work, something that I’ve truly poured my heart into. After years of thought, and months of work, I’ve just launched my very first E-course:




When my son was a baby, I picked up my camera and a notebook and began a learning journey that took me from feeling lost and isolated, convinced that I had nothing to say or share, to living a fulfilling creative life that I love. I truly believe that everything I’ve achieved came from finding the confidence to realise that my story was worth sharing and that my voice was relevant. My transformation all began with my story, and now I want to help you to tell and believe in your story.

Little Stories of My Life is a 5 week E-course that will nurture your creativity and confidence, teaching you my secrets of storytelling with words and pictures, showing you how to find the magic in the everyday and how to harness the power of your own small stories.

I’d like to take you by the hand and lead you from uncertainty to creative confidence, giving you the tools that you need to capture the world around you: to see the beauty of simple moments, to produce wholehearted words and narrative images, to tell your story and connect with others telling theirs.

Would you like to join me? Click here to enroll! You can currently save £30 with the limited Early Bird price, but be quick- it ends on Monday!

Thank you, for all your support so far on my creative journey. Whether you choose to take the course or not, I hope that you’ll continue to travel along with me.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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