March 23, 2014

laundry line love

laundry line

My heart sings when I see a line of washing, pegged out and blowing in the breeze: it’s a timeless, homely and oddly cheering sight.  I love the way that the light shines through the translucent fabrics, and I revel in the gloriously fresh, unmistakable line-dried scent. Hanging washing on a line has always been an everyday pleasure for me. In the case of this particular washing line, perched atop the Cotswold hills, it’s the idea of a laundry line with a view that I love so much. I’ve driven past this spot a number of times, and today, as the colours glowed in the setting sun, I persuaded my long-suffering husband to stop the car so that I could jump out and snap a quick picture on my phone. Such a common domestic scene: the washing, the pegs, the basket. I see beauty in its simplicity.

What could be more spring-like than a line of washing, flapping as it dries in the sunshine? I am almost ashamed to admit it, but after many years of washing lines, our current garden has only a rotary dryer (the horror!) This year, however, I am declaring enough to be enough and I am determined to put up a line of my own.

I make no secret of it. I have a long-standing love affair with laundry lines.

11 thoughts on “laundry line love

  1. Kerry

    There’s nothing like the beauty of a line of fresh laundry flapping in the breeze and that SMELL of the sun and wind when you crawl into bed! Simple pleasures indeed!

  2. driftwood

    so lovely. My daughter gets dreadful hayfever and the advice we’ve been given includes not drying the laundry on the line…………… makes me sad…….

  3. The Coffee Lady

    As the proud owner of a lovely washing line, I can only agree. Time is the problem – time to watch the stuff flapping in the breeze, even for a minute, instead of abandoning half the socks in the trug and running back inside in order to get out of the house on time.

    I miss those days – they seem only yesterday, but are seven or eight years ago in truth – when I would stand and survey my line full of nappies, and feel like the best person In The World.

  4. katie

    I considered myself officially grown up when I would step outside on a spring morning, blue skies, warm breeze, and my mind declared it a perfect drying day. We have a line that is, alas, rendered unusable by the fact that the fence it is attached to is on the verge of collapse. New fence this summer, and then new line, I know which I am more excited about!


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