knitting basket


Over the winter, I usually don’t have much luck when it comes to vintage finds. The car boot sales are shut, and for some reason I’m much less likely to duck into the charity shops for a quick rummage. Last week’s jumble sale Dala horse was my first treasure for a long time, but as is so often the case, these things come in twos or threes. This little basket also found its way home with me, bought for a couple of pounds from a vintage market. The picture doesn’t show it, but it’s lined with a sweet ditsy floral print, edged with lace. It was quite simply crying out to be filled with my knitting.

Up until now, I have kept knitting projects in individual tote bags, usually stashed in corners of the sitting room. A basket is far prettier and a strangely satisfying storage solution. Three small projects fit inside perfectly: my (almost finished) baby socks, a cabled tank top (also for the baby), and two skeins which are destined to become a striped cowl. Like the Dala horse, the basket has found a home on the shelves above my desk. These shelves, made for me by my kind and clever Dad, are beginning to accumulate all manner of significant objects. Perhaps I shall photograph them for you one of these days.

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  • Your baby socks are looking rather lovely Laura. I have ahem quite a few baskets filled with my yarn joy, nothing more pretty and satisfying. I’d love to see your shelves, I’m rather nosey like that ;o)

  • I keep my current crochet project in a wicker shopping basket, so that I can easily stuff everything into it and carry it away if I need to move it for some reason, it makes a great storage place, and I agree, it is a satisfying thing to have things stored in a basket! xx

  • I’ve got terrible basket envy after a friend came over with her ‘Lady Almoner’s’ basket of wools and tools so I can definitely see how this one just had to be scooped up and put to very good use.

  • I have a hard time passing up a nice vintage basket and I store a lot of my roving in them with various felting projects…love the yarn you’re using for socks!

  • There is something strangely satisfying about putting your knitting in a wicker basket. I really wanted one woven locally that I spotted at a fair, but at £65 a pop, I settled for a slightly orangey version from a charity shop.

    I am always slightly in awe of people who can knit socks. Double-pointed needles are scary enough without using three of them at a time!!