on the June table, 2015

junetableOnce again, my ‘On the Table’ post comes right at the end of the month. I’m a little heartbroken that June is over already, it’s flown by, in all its balmy dreaminess.

Here on the table, a bunch of scented sweet peas, tumbled into a favourite French jug. I’d love to say that they were grown in the garden, but ours haven’t flowered yet, and I picked these up at the farm shop, slipping them into the basket with punnets of strawberries and a loaf of crusty bread.

Tea, always tea, in a pretty Wood’s Ware Iris cup and saucer, given to me by my lovely mother in law, along with a couple of Beryl plates and some other assorted pretties. Once again, I’m reading Ladybird books. I bought these from the charity shop for 50p each. Ostensibly they are for the boys, but it’s actually me who pores over their lovely illustrations.

A single white rose, from the prolific bush that rambles all over the side of the house, filling the garden with its sweet, heady scent. It sits in a tiny jar, hung from a delicate chain: the utterly wonderful Foragers Necklace that I was given at Sisterhood Camp. It’s made by talented jeweller Emma Mitchell, who is a long-term online friend of mine, and true creative spirit. I’m lucky enough to already have one of her beautiful necklaces, with a teapot charm and dinky silver teacup and spoon. It was a wedding anniversary gift, and I treasure it. Emma’s foragers necklaces are inspired by Victorian tussle mussies and I love picking different pretties for mine. Cow parsley was a spring favourite, now I’m enjoying lavender, with its soothing scent.

I’ve been experimenting with branch weaving, inspired by 3191 Miles Apart and by Kirsten Rickert. On a recent camping trip, the children collected forked sticks for me, and we sat on a blanket in the sun, with a basket of yarn scraps, weaving and chatting. It’s a really lovely summer activity, I highly recommend it. Of course I was so busy helping them, that I didn’t quite finish my own, I shall do so when a quiet moment next presents itself…

Pale blue and creamy white : the June 2015 table.

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  • A lovely table as always, especially those sweet peas. I spent some time browsing through Ladybird books the other day, they’re wonderful aren’t they, I’d forgotten how informative they are. I agree, June has flown by far too fast. How blissful the summer is. CJ xx

  • I’m a Ladybird book fan too and have a collection from my own childhood which I still enjoy perusing. I love the branch weaving and will definitely have a go this summer and , like you, haven’t quite got to grips with the fact that we’re in July now. I’m looking forward to having some sweet peas on my own table soon.
    Cathy x