on the June 2016 table


I am documenting the year with monthly photographs of my kitchen table. Capturing the jumble that accumulates here, at the heart of the kitchen, is also a way to record some of the domestic stories of our family life.

I’m late in posting this,  I know – time has run away with me lately – but I didn’t want the June table to go undocumented. These little monthly snapshots of my preoccupations are strangely precious to me.

There are pink roses, plucked from the climbing rose in the garden. It was hacked back at the end of last summer, and I wondered if it would survive, but it’s returned, stronger and pinker than ever. We don’t have much (anything!) in the way of a cutting garden, but in June there are always the roses.

Also pink, a new mug, from my best friend and one-time blogging partner. An unexpected parcel that cheered a dull day, and is now my current coffee mug of choice. There’s an Observer guide to butterflies- butterfly fever has hit hard in the house since we planted the butterfly garden, and the boys have been so excited to see the Painted Lady caterpillars that we’ve been raising transform into chrysalides and then hatch out into butterflies which they have been joyfully releasing into the garden. A magical process to observe.

There is a polaroid. For me, summertime is the time for polaroids. Perhaps it’s the light? I love the dreamy, timeless way in which they capture summer moments. This is one from a few years ago, chubby baby legs, but I have placed my annual order for Impossible Project film, so the Polaroid camera (known by the boys as the magic camera!) will once again be making an outing. Also on the table, three shards of blue and white pottery, found on the beach at Ceibwr Bay during our stay at fforest. Beach combing will always have my heart, each tiny treasure with its own tale to tell.

Finally, a copy of the latest edition of beautiful Betty magazine. I was lucky enough to attend the  launch party for this- an impeccably styled; flower strewn; sugar coated sparkle of an evening, held in a light-filled Shoreditch loft. Since starting as deputy editor at 91 Magazine, I’ve been so heartened by how supportive I’ve found the world of indie magazine publishing to be. It’s full of passionate people, sharing their knowledge and using their talents to produce gorgeous mags. Betty is a particularly lovely one, and this floral-themed issue is a beaut.

Pink, cream and gold: the June 2016 table.

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