on the July table, 2015

july table-9

July is already drawing to a close, slipping through my fingers like a handful of sand on the beach. Over on Instagram, I’ve been celebrating all that’s lovely about this month in a hashtag project with my online friend Emma. If you haven’t already seen it, do scroll through the #makingjuly feed for an beautiful and uplifting insight into what makes July special for different people.

Here on the table, a huge bunch of bright everlasting sweet peas, snipped from the rampant bush that covers the wall at the end of the lane. They’ve been tumbled unceremoniously into a spotty jug with a broken spout. As time passes, their colour fades and softens to a lilac-y purple.

Summer is always the time that I return to film photography, and with this in mind, I brought out my beloved Olympus Trip. This was my first ever camera, a gift from my Dad on my 15th birthday. Not only is it an absolute beauty, it also takes rather marvellous photographs too, and I have a stack of films just waiting to be used.

I’ve also been thinking about printing my photographs, prompted by my friend Xanthe and her ‘this summer I’m printing my photos‘ project. On my to-do list is an Instagram print run, a couple of photo books, and a stack of 6×4 prints. In the meantime, I’ve been looking through my polaroids to remind me of the pleasures of a photograph that you can hold in your hand. This shot, of a bunch of dahlias, taken with my Spectra a couple of years ago, is a favourite of mine.

The very special notebook was irresistible to this notebook addict. I picked it up last time I was at The Foodie Bugle. It’s by Katie Leamon, and it’s rather gorgeous. With all three boys home for the summer, I have very little time available for work, but I always have a notebook on hand to scrawl down ideas, thoughts and plans.

Finally, the jam labels. It hasn’t been a great year for strawberries at our local pick your own, but I’ve made a couple of batches of Strawberry Jam, and a couple of Strawberry & Gooseberry, Gooseberry Jam being a new (and delightful) discovery of mine. The old silver jam spoon was a gift from my kind mum in law, and I am thrilled with it. I’ve created a story over on Steller called Strawberry Jam- recipe for a July ritual, if you fancy taking a look. I’m hoping to make one more batch before the strawberries disappear for another year…

Pink, taupe and silver : the July 2015 table.

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  • Hi! I’m new to your blog and wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading through all your older posts, especially the “on the table” ones. I love how each thing you place on the table is sentimental to you in different ways. It’s such a good way to measure and treasure the months of your life.

    again…it’s a pleasure to visit you here and on instagram. ♥

  • Love the notebook, I’m a fellow notebook addict so I can appreciate the lure of a good one. The camera looks wonderful, you’ve reminded me of my wonderful first camera that I got for 10p at a jumble sale. I knew the lady that sold it, and she told me it was fine, just that the film got caught occasionally. It took the most amazing square black and white photos. I do so wish I still had it. A lovely July table. You’re right, July has trickled away so quickly. Wishing you a good August. CJ xx