January 8, 2014

the year in books :: January {the link up}

the year in books :: circle of pine trees blog

I’m excited that so many of you would like to join in with me for the Year in Books project!

Here’s how it works…

The aim is to read a book a month during 2014.

At the start of the month, let’s blog the book that we are planning to read in the month ahead. If we feel inspired to, we could also write a little about the previous month’s book. Not a review, as such, Β just some thoughts: a recommendation (or otherwise!) for others who might be thinking of reading it.

It’s not a traditional book club, so we don’t have to all read the same book (although I will let you know each of my books a month in advance, in case anyone feels in need of a suggestion). This is just about trying to ensure that we make space for reading in our busy lives, and hopefully a way to discover more lovely books (and lovely bibliophiles). You don’t have to just read novels, it can be poetry, non fiction, biography- whatever you fancy!

If you would prefer to share your book choices over on Instagram, that would also be great, please use the hashtag #theyearinbooks so that we can find your posts. I’ve also set up a Pinterest board for us, so do let me know in the comments if you would like me to add you as a pinner.

The Year in Books on Pinterest

If, like me, you fancy joining Goodreads to help you to keep track of your books during the year, I have started a group for us: somewhere that we can compile the books that we are reading, and even chat about them if we want to. You can find the group here and you are welcome join whether or not you have a blog of your own.

Finally, I’ve created a blog button for the link up. If you would like one to display on your blog then you can grab the code over in the sidebar.

So, let’s get started! I look forward to seeing your book choice for January- please add your link below.

Thank you, and enjoy those quiet moments of reading. x

87 thoughts on “the year in books :: January {the link up}

  1. Lucy

    I’m in! I love a good read. It will be great to see what others are reading too. I’m excited now, this link up is right up my street. (I’m off the booze for January so need something to get me through it.) Lucy x

  2. @700words

    oh dear, I think Goodreads might become my latest procrastination tool. So on that note, I am not going to allow myself to sign up until after my exam, might be late Jan when I join the first one, but as we go away to a quiet cottage just after the exam I intend to be caught up in no time. Thanks for setting this up looking forward to joining in.

  3. Penny

    Hello Laura
    I have just been reading about your idea of a year in books and love it, I love a good read and tend to neglect this finding myself distracted with my knitting/crochet and the net! Would it be ok if I joined in too? I have just joined Instagram and found you via someone else of there.
    Many thanks, Penny

  4. jane at the flight platform

    no way! are you kidding me! go check out my latest blog post! we are so on the same page at the moment Laura (although your ‘page’ is a lot more thought out and organised!) can I share this linkup in some of my own blog posts! wow we should hook up at some point and combine efforts xxxxxx

  5. Amanda @ Ellieboo

    Great Idea – I am definitely going to join – I actually managed to get through quite a few books last year but there is always room for more! Now I get to choose a new book to read – not that I need an excuse!!

    1. Laura

      So glad that you will be joining in, Amanda. I’ve created a list of all the blog reader book recommendations, in case anyone is stuck for what to read. There’s a link in the sidebar.

  6. Zoe

    Button added, post written about this fab idea and signed up to Goodreads. Can’t believe I hadn’t discovered it before, but worried now I will have to just stop work and read all the time! Just had a quick look at the PInterest board too and would love to be added to add pins. Thanks πŸ™‚

  7. rusty {rambles}

    Ooh, fabulous! Sounds like fun. I did some #socialreading with Scott Pack last autumn and it was great fun. I often think I’d like to share more of my reads on my blog but feel nervous about the whole ‘book review’ thing, so this will give me a gentle push. Might finally give in and join Goodreads too..

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  9. dottycookie

    Am I too late to join in? This is such a lovely idea. I may not contribute any particularly complex books (my brain is usually fried) but I would love to see what you are all reading and find some recommendations. Yes please to pinterest, and I am just starting on instagram too …

    1. Laura

      Right, that’s it, The Goldfinch is definitely on the list. At this rate I’m going to have to up it to two books a month just to get through all the books I want to read! Thanks for joining in, lovely. x

  10. Sarah

    Hi Laura! Count me in – so much better than a ‘traditional’ book group where you end up struggling with books you don’t get along with. Life’s too short for all that…
    Happy reading!
    Sarah x

  11. sian

    A great idea! Though I’m a bit of a slow reader so not sure I’ll manage a new book every month – always read in bed but find it very soperific and fall asleep pretty quickly, hence the snails pace πŸ˜‰ I have just started john fowels magus. X

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  13. Chrissie Crafts

    What a wonderful idea! I found you via Penny at L is for Love – I’m on the last 100 pages of The Goldfinch and would love to join in…but I must ask, will there be a forgiving audience if I don’t complete a book each month? Two young children and lots of activities means that sometimes I can read every night, sometimes a book sits for a week neglected on the bedside table! But I hope this group would keep me inspired…Chrissie x

    1. Laura

      Hi Chrissie, Oh, very forgiving indeed! I have three young children myself, so am making no promises, it’s just about having the intention to make time for reading. Please, do join in.

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  15. Christina

    Hi Laura
    I am new to your blog, I navigated here from Leanne’s Today’s Stuff. This is an exiting project that I would love to follow. Can I please join in? I love to read and love to share what I read, too. I have no idea what do to with the button link.. would you mind telling me how to share this on my blog?

  16. Edwina

    Great idea…. can’t wait to get started. There seems to be a problem getting the image I have chosen uploaded onto your blog page, will give it a little more time see if it sorts itself out. Plus… how do I get your button onto my blog?

  17. Penny

    Somewhere along the line my comment seems to have gone walk about! I’ve joined in, and blogged about it. Could you add me to the Pinterest board too please?

    Penny x

  18. Daisy Jones

    Hello Laura
    I have linked and posted a link on my blog too.
    Superb Idea!
    I am so looking forward to this wonderful, yet gentle challenge for 2014.
    It is so easy to forget to read when we are all so busy just living.
    I have chosen my book and am just about to join your group, i would love to ‘pin’ too…..?
    Until next time, bestest to you and yours
    Daisy j x
    Ps I can see lots of my bloggy pals on here too!

  19. Kim

    What a great project! I’ve joined up and very much looking forward to reading through everyone’s choices and thoughts. Book reviews and recommendations are my favourite type of blog posts so this is a great way to find loads at once, and all throughout the year. Thanks for setting this up Laura!
    Kim x

  20. The Crafty Ladyee

    Hello there-You have a beautiful Blog πŸ™‚ And your Year Of Books is a fabulous idea-count me in please πŸ™‚
    If anyone would like a pretty new bookmark to keep their place I have made an extra one and am offering it on my little Blog πŸ™‚
    Have a lovely day,Best wishes,Nessa xxx

  21. Emma

    Hi Laura
    Been popping over to your lovely blog for a while but never commented. I’m so pleased you started this link up. Just added my link for this month’s read. So looking forward to seeing how this all develops, just hope I can keep up! Emma x

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  23. Doris McGreary

    Would like to join in and hope I have sorted out the link correctly. Seem to have a red x by my name at present. I’ve already got some great ideas from the bloggers who have joined here. How do I join the Goodreads group. I am already on there as an individual member.

  24. Jen

    Oh this sounds great! Thanks for setting it up! I’ll definitely back when I’m not on my mobile to sign up and get started. πŸ˜€ In the mean time, I have joined the Goodreads group and followed the Pinterest board. I’m excited!

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  26. Louise

    I’ve seen this books link up on quite a few blogs over the last few days and I think it’s great. I’m very tempted to join in but I’m not sure if I ‘fit’! I’ve done a monthly reads post on my blog for about two years as I read a lot, though recently I’ve not had so much time to read or have read magazines rather than books. I did plan to change the way I did my monthly books posts and I like the idea of this but I was wondering if there are strict rules – does is have to be just one book? If I read four books one month, could I write about all four?! I’m a bit late to post my intended read, but if I decide to join in, I’d like to post what I’ve read at the end of the month and link up.

  27. Amy

    This is a great idea – a lovely way to share recommendations, and also to encourage me to read certain books! Looking forward to seeing what other people are reading.

  28. Anny

    Oh no, I held out for as long as I could, but I always knew I was going to have to take part! I shall now have the PERFECT excuse to spend more time reading and then spraffing on endlessly about it all – thank you!

  29. Patricia

    Hi Laura. I’ve just come over from Rosie’s blog and thought this idea an excellent idea. A bit late for this month but I’ve added what I’ve already read in January. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is reading.

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  31. Lynne Gill

    Laura I have had my arm twisted by Penny (L is for Love) and wish to join the gang. I am a total technophobe so if it’s ok I will just do my post each month without doing the linky thing. Is that OK? Brilliant idea, I have to say.

  32. Jessica

    Hi Laura,
    I’d like to join you if I still may. Not sure how to do so as the link-up seems to be closed. I did grab a button. Thanks for making that easy.

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