on the January table, 2015


In 2014, I made the decision to document the year with photographs of my kitchen table. Capturing the jumble that accumulates here, at the heart of the kitchen, has become a way to record some of the domestic stories of our family life.

I have decided to continue for a second year the practice of a monthly photograph of my kitchen table. It’s become one of my favourite blog series, I love the way in which it encapsulates each month in the life of our family, and taking the photographs for these posts has led to an ongoing fascination with tabletop photography, as my Instagram feed testifies!

So, here is the January table for 2015. If you’ve been reading the series since the beginning, you may observe a strong similarity to the January table for 2014. January in particular is, for me, a month of recurring rituals. One of these, which I wrote about recently, is Marmalade making. Another constant is knitting, specifically sock knitting. There’s nothing quite like the chill quiet of a grey January day to make me want to pick up my needles, not least because our draughty house is consistently freezing, and the more hand knits that I can stash away for myself, the better! Last year, I was knitting baby socks. Rather more ambitiously, I’m now attempting a pair for myself, using some brilliant self-striping yarn from Stray Cat Socks (which actually appeared on the table in May!) I’m almost one sock down, so I’m hoping that I don’t run out of enthusiasm before the second sock is finished.

Another January constant is a pot of bulbs on the table. These are Muscari, a particular favourite of mine, sitting in an old marmalade container that I picked up for pennies at a car boot sale once. It seemed an appropriate choice, given my fondness for Seville season. I also have hyacinth bulbs in the sitting room, and crocus in the bedroom, I love the cheer that they bring to my day.

I’m drinking Earl Grey, which was kindly sent to me by JING tea. I’m a long-term drinker of Earl Grey – when I was growing up it was the only tea we kept in the house- and JING’s blend is particularly delicious. It’s sprinkled with cornflowers, which I wore in my hair on my wedding day, so it’s pretty much my ideal tea!

Returning to the table for a second consecutive January is my One Line A Day notebook which, miraculously, I managed to complete every day last year (it actually gives you about five lines, enough for jotting the briefest of memories). I’m so enjoying reading back over last year’s posts, noticing the constants, but also the changes (this time last year the baby wasn’t even crawling, now he can run, jump and talk!) One day, I would love to begin a journalling practice but, in the meantime, this is a manageable and satisfying record of our daily life.

Turquoise, purple and brown: the January 2015 table

{You can find last year’s tables here.}

{disclosure: JING sent me some Earl Grey tea and a cup}

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  • I love this series, Laura….

    And thanks to you, I now have my very own “One Line A Day” PLUS, I bought one each for my sons that I am filling in and will give to them in five year’s time… Of course, being boys, who knows if they’ll appreciate it (or admit to appreciating it)? I like to think they will…

  • Happy New Year!

    What a wonderful idea, Laura! I’m new to your blog and am thoroughly enjoying your snippets or moments that make up your month. I would like to borrow your idea and use it to take a snapshot of the goings on in my garden using my potting bench. I too have a small jam container with muscari in them. I just love the little blue flowers popping above the thin green leaves. Looking forward to reading your post in February!

  • This year we started journaling by using the app ‘One Second Everyday’. The kids are loving it! At the end of the month we will string the clips together and send to our family. Enjoy the rest of your week! -Laura

  • Hi Laura, I love your blog, and join in with The Year in Books every month, which brings me much pleasure. This series is also very beautiful, I greatly enjoy seeing what you have on your table every month, and the stories behind all your treasures. Thank you so much for all the inspiration X