August 11, 2014

Introducing #growforagecook…


My friend Sabrina (of Wolves in London) and I have been mulling over the idea of a collaborative blogging project for a little while now. Recently, the pieces all fell into place. Sabrina is a keen city gardener and a green fingered gal, growing fruit and vegetables alongside her blooms. I spend my days in the countryside and love to forage in the hedgerows for seasonal ingredients. In both of our kitchens, there’s almost always a home-baked cake in the tin, we have cupboards stuffed full of sloe gin and fruit liquors, and we both have love affairs with our preserving pans. At every opportunity, we try to bring the outside in to our kitchens, and so #growforagecook was born. If you search the hashtag on Instagram, you can see what we’ve been up to so far.

Our intention is a shared blog series celebrating the home-grown, the home-made, the freshly picked and the carefully gathered. We will be taking it in turns to write about our latest kitchen adventures, with recipes, tips and more. You can read Sabrina’s first post, with a particularly delicious sounding Morello Cherry Vodka recipe, over on her blog. I’ll be posting my own contribution shortly, so keep an eye out, particularly if you have an abundance of plums! We’re aiming to use produce that we’ve grown ourselves, picked or foraged for, but we’re not adverse to making use of PYOs, farmers markets and other sources of seasonal produce. Our guiding principles are the desire to: eat with the seasons; to preserve and make use of gluts; and most of all, to bring the outside in to our kitchens.

We’d also like invite you to join us- will you let us have a peek at the seasonal goodness inside your kitchen? You can share pictures using the hashtag #growforagecook on Instagram (or Twitter), or if you have a blog post or recipe to share, do pin it to Pinterest and tag it #growforagecook – we’d love to add it to our shared Pinterest board. If you prefer, you can leave us a link in the comments. We’ll aim to share some of our favourites in subsequent posts.

In the meantime, I’m off for a cup of tea and a slice of fresh plum cake…

14 thoughts on “Introducing #growforagecook…

  1. Angela @Little Apple Tree

    What a wonderful idea, Laura! I’m planning to go blackberrying down the local cycle path when the weather dries up. I’d also like to find some sloes, but I have no idea what they look like so that might be a bit trickier!

    I am loving using foraged things or trading skills for food from allotments at the moment. The bartering system is alive and well in my corner of the country!

  2. CJ

    What a wonderful idea, I’m so looking forward to following these posts, and to exploring a new-to-me blog. I shan’t share my blackcurrant cordial post, it all went splat on the floor, but hopefully in the future I’ll have one or two posts about cooking with home/allotment grown things to share. CJ xx

  3. Alison

    What a wonderful idea as we ease into autumn. I picked up a bag of overripe fairtrade bananas for 10p at our new local fruit shop last week and made 2 scrummy banana cakes….look forward to reading and seeing over on instagram 🙂

  4. Lucy

    Lovely idea Laura! I’ve just done my first post to join in, more on the ‘grow’ side with my succulent garden in a repurposed wheelbarrow. Hope you enjoy!

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