in the walled garden





Yesterday, on a balmy Saturday, the baby and I set off to meet some blogging friends- Lottie, Kat, Emma and Karen – for a long lunch at the Ethicurean. All the marvelous things that I had heard about this restaurant in Barley Wood Walled Garden were absolutely true. The food was scrumptious, the restaurant charmingly quirky, the gardens glorious and the views peerless. Needless to say, the company was rather fabulous too; it’s always a pleasure to meet with such sparky and inspiring women. The baby was relaxed and happy being passed around for cuddles. Oh, and my Saltwaters weren’t the only ones to wander the paths- we bloggers definitely do have an affinity for those comfiest of sandals!

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  • I thought afterwards that we should have taken a Saltwater photo – too cheesy? I had my eye on Lottie’s silver ones – red or silver are definitely on my list. Or navy. Am a bit addicted. Have said before but it was a lovely lunch and so good to meet you and that beautiful boy of yours. x