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The instant film for my second-hand Instax camera arrived a couple of days ago. Much to my delight, the camera works perfectly. The moment when the very first photograph slowly developed before our eyes was as magical for me as it was for the children! Lomo-style shooting is very different to using a digital camera. It’s certainly a steep learning curve,  and a lesson in learning to love and accept imperfections. I am enamoured of the ‘vintage’ look of the pictures, and the way in which a moment is quickly and truthfully captured.  These are a few of the shots from the inaugural film which I have scanned in to my laptop (resisting the strong temptation to tweak them with a little editing!) Perhaps I shall start annotating the pictures with a date, location or caption. The white space at the bottom of the picture is rather inviting.

Do you use an instant camera? Any top tips to share?


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  • Oh Laura how lovely, I agree, embrace the imperfections as that is what is so great about them! S looks sooo cute jumping in the v muddy puddle! Nice SS coat BTW, J loves his! x

  • The first shot is fabulous!

    I had a Polaroid when I was a kid…I think it’s still kicking around my mom’s house somewhere, and I now I have the urge to find it 🙂

  • That first shot is perfect – a real Cartier Bresson moment! We had a Polaroid at our wedding and our guests took photos of themselves and wrote messages on them – I keep meaning to dig it out and see if there is any precious film left!