in an enamel jug




I am rather a fan of enamel jugs. When we got married, my husband’s remarkable mother not only arranged the flowers for us, she grew them all too. Many of her gorgeous arrangements were in vintage enamel jugs that we had bought at various markets in preparation for the day. This blue jug is actually a coffee pot, but it is quite possibly my favourite of all. I love the bright blue colour, particularly for holding daffodils. I picked up these rather flouncy daffs at the supermarket, they are a pleasing contrast to the clean lines of the jug. The enamel matches box came from a French brocante last year. Brocantes are such treasure troves for vintage enamel, I am looking forward to having another rummage when we return to France this summer!

Joining in with Lou’s Nature in the Home series.

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