a homemade wreath


It was a rare pleasure to have the opportunity to create my wreath for this week’s Nature in the Home alongside Lou, and other lovely blogging friends (you can read about our afternoon here, if you haven’t already).

Making a wreath was a very calming experience. So nice to just focus on the soft, damp, loam-scented moss, the glossy foliage, the fluffy cotton, the irresistibly pretty pink peppercorns. We had many decorative elements to choose from but it was that tumble of peppercorns that drew me most of all. Those, and the speckled feathers which – I have only just noticed- seem to have got lost in transit, although you can see the tip of one peeking through. In the end, my colour choices weren’t traditionally festive. Nevertheless, I feel a glow of happy satisfaction every time I pass my front door on a rainy school run. Which can only be a good thing.

{thank you to Xanthe for the wreath guidance and for providing such an amazing selection of loveliness}


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