November 6, 2013

heart-shaped stone

heart-shaped stone :: circle of pine trees blog

This little heart-shaped stone lives in a small drawer on my dressing table, and has done for years. It was picked up by my husband on a wind-swept Devon beach one day, long before we had children. He gave it to me and I thrust it deep into my coat pocket and held it safe in my hand. A tiny treasure, a romantic gesture, a remembered moment, a signifier.

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9 thoughts on “heart-shaped stone

  1. lou@littlegreenshed

    Beautiful! I have a collection of stones dotted around my house. All sentimental. There is mini 3 stone cairn on the shelf in the lounge, which signifies Dan and I taking our first child (charlie) to the beach. He was 3 months old. We took a stone each to remember it. xxx


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