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October, for me, is resplendent with hedgerow pickings- hips and sloes, and with the bounty of the fruit trees, apple in particular. Thanks to a generous friend with an apple tree, and a ever-replenishing basket of free windfalls up the road from our house, there have been windfall apples in my kitchen every day this month. Whilst they sometimes get stewed, or added to a crumble, most of them end up in Windfall Apple Cakes, the cake tin being refilled with a fresh one each weekend. I’ve written a little about this cake, and shared the recipe, over at Leonie Wise’s gorgeous site Weekends Collected. Do head over there, if you have yet to pay a visit. It’s a lovely place to be. I’ve also been picking rose hips, with a fresh batch of Rosehip Jam in mind and I’ve written about my foraging adventures over on This is your Kingdom.

Of course, October wouldn’t be complete without a pumpkin or two. Whilst I haven’t grown my own, I did visit a local Pick Your Own Pumpkin farm with my friend Lou, leaving with pumpkins in a variety of sizes, and a pretty decorative gourd. Having carved our pumpkins, I will be saving the flesh to use in my annual batch of Spiced Pumpkin Cupcakes. If you haven’t tried baking these, I can highly recommend them!

Sabrina and I have enjoyed seeing what you’ve been up to via the #growforagecook hashtag. Here are a few of our favourites for this month:

growforagecookoctoberTop row: @littlegreenshed, @amelie_and_richard, @margotbarbara

Middle row: @katgoldin, @foreadventure, @tomodachiwendymac

Bottom Row, @alexis.allan, @rachlees89, @nimblefingered

During October, I found out how the experts go about foraging, in an interview with Fore/Adventure. Sabrina, with an eye to next year’s harvest, shared her considerable knowledge about planning a kitchen garden: you can find part one here, and part two here. In November, we’re looking forward to toffee apples for bonfire night and to bottling and pickling our way towards a few festive gifts. This will be the last month of #growforagecook for 2014. We shall pause for the winter at the end of November, ready to start again in the spring.

How do you bring the outside in to your kitchen in November? Please do continue to share your own pictures, recipes or blog posts using the #growforagecook hashtag on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, or in the comments of this post. We look forward to seeing  hot soups, jars of chutney, and warming spirits to be squirrelled away for the cold months ahead.

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