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Late summer is such a wonderful time for growing, foraging and cooking. My kitchen is brimming with fabulous produce and the only limit to my baking, preserving and bottling endeavours is my lack of time! Of all the delights that this season has to offer, it’s blackberries which are my favourites, and there seem to have been a particularly plump and juicy crop of them this year. As a child, we picked blackberries every summer, and now I do the same with my own children, returning from our rambles carrying a groaning basket, with bruise coloured fingers and purple-stained mouths.

I’ve made my annual batch of Bramble Jelly (I use the River Cottage Hedgerow Jelly recipe).  It is disappearing fast and I shall have to make some more as I’m hankering after a batch of Bramble Jam Tarts. Another blackberry recipe that I make each year is Nigella’s easy Blackberry Galette, and last year I discovered the delicious Blackberry and Brown Sugar Fingers recipe in the Yeo Valley Farmhouse Cookbook. The boys love a classic Blackberry Crumble with custard, and finally, if there are any berries left, I either freeze them, or add them to some vodka – Sabrina has a great Blackberry Vodka recipe over on her blog.

Since we launched #growforagecook earlier in the month, Sabrina and I been so delighted to see so many of you joining in using the #growforagecook hashtag, whether on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. You’ve been whipping up some amazing looking treats, and making use of seasonal produce in all kinds of creative ways! Below is a selection of some of our favourites from over on Instagram.

august Top row: @littlegreenshed, @aquietcorner, @coldatnight

 Middle row: @manneskjur, @katgoldin, @craftsonsea

Bottom row: @katgoldin, @thelinencloud, @cariemay

There are some lovely blog posts out there too: we loved Karen’s tasty toffee apples, Sarah’s blackberry crumble cake and Laura’s prolific bramble patch. If you missed our plum recipes, you can also find my Plum Tray Bake here and Sabrina’s Spicy Plum Chutney here.

September is a plum month (sorry, sorry!) for foraging: the hedgerows offering up sloes, rosehips, haws, elderberries and crabapples to name but a few, and I shall certainly be out and about with my basket. I’m also anticipating damsons from my mother-in-law’s tree, windfall apples, and, in our veg box from the local farm, fennel, swiss chard and sweetcorn.

What do you love to bring in to your kitchen in September? Please do continue to share your own pictures, recipes or blog posts using the #growforagecook hashtag on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, or in the comments of this post. We can’t wait to see what deliciousness you’ve been producing!

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