granny bonnets




My favourite flower varies according to the seasons, but my current choice has to be aquilegia or, as we have always called them, granny bonnets. I just adore their colour palette of pinks and purples. I appreciate the way that they self-seed, giving us more and more of them each year. I am fascinated by their unusual sculptural shapes. Most of all, however, I love the name ‘granny bonnet’. What a fabulous bonnet one of these would make! It reminds me of the Jenny Joseph poemWarning : ” When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple…” When I am a granny, I shall wear an aquilegia bonnet…

Rather appropriately, they are in one of my favourite receptacles for flowers – a retro Horlicks mixer that I inherited from my own Granny.

Joining in, as usual, with Lou’s Nature in the Home series.

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