June 12, 2013

granny bonnets




My favourite flower varies according to the seasons, but my current choice has to be aquilegia or, as we have always called them, granny bonnets. I just adore their colour palette of pinks and purples. I appreciate the way that they self-seed, giving us more and more of them each year. I am fascinated by their unusual sculptural shapes. Most of all, however, I love the name ‘granny bonnet’. What a fabulous bonnet one of these would make! It reminds me of the Jenny Joseph poemWarning : ” When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple…” When I am a granny, I shall wear an aquilegia bonnet…

Rather appropriately, they are in one of my favourite receptacles for flowers – a retro Horlicks mixer that I inherited from my own Granny.

Joining in, as usual, with Lou’s Nature in the Home series.

13 thoughts on “granny bonnets

  1. jane at the flight platform

    these are divine…as i plant up and make my very first garden this series has been superb for identifying plants i want! euphorbia has been brought after our green week and now grabby bonnets have made it onto my list xxxx

  2. Chelsea @ afternibbin.

    Aquilegias are one of my absolute favourite flowers too. Our garden is full of them and more come every year, I’ve dug some up for friends and family and still our garden is crammed full. I love seeing how the colours and shapes seem to chage each year too, they really are beautiful.

  3. liv

    ooh those are pretty! i’ve never heard either of those names before! we call them columbine here in the pacific northwest. i learned something new today! i would much rather think of them as granny bonnets

  4. katie

    Oh my, these photos are stunning and the flowers beautiful, I will definitely give these a go in our garden, I love the idea that they self seed and change year on year. thanks for sharing at this busy time for youx

  5. Kelly

    I have been bringing ours inside too, there is just so many in the garden so they are not missed. Every year I am amazed at how many different types appear. I have never heard them called Granny’s Bonnets though and I love it. It is much easier to spell too!


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