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The Good Life Experience festival delivers exactly what it promises: a taste of the good life through ‘culture, food and the great outdoors’. We spent last weekend wandering from tent to tent, in a pleasant haze of woodsmoke, between the pine forest and the maize field. There was infectious music, inspiring talks, creative workshops, tempting stalls, delicious food, a multitude of campfires, and endless rides on the vintage fairground. As if this wasn’t enough of a treat, we spent our weekend with the women of Sisterhood, and their families: living, laughing, and sleeping under the stars, with friends old and new.


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A highlight for me was the Albam Clothing workshop, in which I was taught to make a tote bag using an industrial sewing machine (whilst wearing wellies!). My love raved about the Beerbods talk, and the boys were utterly captivated by their whittling workshop with lovely Luke of Hope in the Woods. The greatest of pleasures, though, was to see the three of them running wild and free, with a pack of newfound friends. By Sunday afternoon, they were muddy, smoke-scented, clutching sticks in their grubby hands, covered in pieces of hay, and utterly, joyously happy.IMG_4450-10

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The two year old cried when we finally took the tent down, and I understood why: I too felt a little bereft. It was the end of a wonderful festival, the end of the weekend, the end of the summer. We had made the most of every last moment and life, we all felt, was good.

{ We were gifted our tickets to the Good Life Experience . All thoughts and opinions are my own.}


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