March 12, 2015

The Good Life Experience :: festival tickets giveaway


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{all photographs c/o The Good Life Experience}

One of the highlights of last year for our family was a trip to The Good Life Experience festival. The brainchild of Cerys Matthews and the Gladstone family, who describe it as ‘a festival to feed the soul’, The Good Life Experience delivers exactly what its name promises.

It’s a weekend celebrating family, friends, dogs, music, good food, good drink and a real connection with the great outdoors. Some of our very favourite bits of last year’s festival were: spoon carving with EJ from Hatchet and Bear; campfire cooking demos; Best Made Co. axe talks; music from the CC Smugglers and, for the boys, endless rides on the vintage fairground.

2015’s festival has all this and more. I’m particularly excited about the 5×15 Literature Tent, the coffee masterclass, more spoon carving, a Cerys singalong, and of course the chance to just hang out in the open air with family and friends, enjoying good food, music, and the scent of woodsmoke in my hair.

Here’s how Tom Herbert  described last year’s The Good Life Experience: If Willy Wonka had married Liv Tyler and they had run away with the Circus, then after a life time of beauty, craziness and brilliance they had gathered all their loved ones and dogs and children for a celebration of life with luscious food, the smell of cigars, perfume and wood smoke, and linked arms for an almighty hoedown, then it’d pale in comparison to The Good Life Experience.

The Good Life Experience will be taking place at the Hawarden Estate Farm Shop, Flintshire on the 18th-20th September, 2015. You can find out more about the festival over on their website and I’m delighted to tell you that The Good Life Experience are giving away two tickets for the festival, with camping included, to a lucky Circle of Pine Trees reader. To be in with a chance of winning, just complete the widget below.

The winner will be announced on Thursday 19th March – good luck!

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28 thoughts on “The Good Life Experience :: festival tickets giveaway

  1. Corinna Mazzotta

    I remember reading your blog post about your trip last year & thinking how fantastic it sounded, so thanks for giving us the chance to experience it for ourselves. Intrigued by the idea of carving my own spoon! 🙂

  2. Rida Suleri-Johnson

    Sounds just perfect. Lou (little green shed) was just telling me the other day about spoon carving with Hatchet & Bear and I would love to try it! (I also would like one of their little looms!)

  3. Bex smith

    Oh man!this is on our list of must do’s this summer. I’d LOVE to sit around a camp fire carving spoons!

  4. Poppy

    It really does sound amazing! Particularly the artsy side of it! like the wood spoon carvers being there! And just meeting a community of like minded people! Sounds like my kind of camping thats for sure. x

  5. Rachel

    Oh Golly. A festival to feed the soul? Yes please. I would spend my days with my greatest friend making new ones; sharing stories around a camp fire and stargazing, dancing ourselves silly to Cuban beats, filling our tums on great food and perhaps throwing an axe or two. Uh oh- here ensues a day of day dreaming…

  6. Kaye

    Ooooh, I’d love the spoon carving, the coffee tasting, the vintage fair, the camp fires, the time with my family….wait, you only wanted 2? Impossible! The whole event sounds fantastic!

  7. Adam Little

    I’m looking forward to taking my wife and the geekling to his first festival as a family and enjoying the great Welsh hospitality, views and winding up the summer in the most perfect way.

  8. Sarah Clarke

    This sounds amazing, this is our first year camping with our daughter and a festival is on our to do list! A literature tent sounds pretty perfect for me too…..

  9. Tilly

    This has been on my to do list for a long while now! What a fab blog and a fab festival. I need this to happen this year!!

  10. helloitsgemma

    I followed the good life experience last year via tweets and instragram – it looked just perfect for us. Would love to go this year… fingers crossed.
    Lovely giveaway. thank you x

  11. Lisa

    I am so over festivals with massive crowds, pushing and stress. This is right up my street. I would love the singalong

  12. Sara

    I’m determined to get on the spoon carving workshop this year! What if I’m a secret spoon carving genius and i just don’t know it yet?? 😀


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