April 8, 2014

gone adventuring

Now that school has broken up for the Easter holidays, the house is filled once again with a busy, noisy, mess of children. We are glorying in the relaxed mornings, some of us (not me, for the record!) staying in pyjamas all day long. I am watching with pleasure the relationships between the boys, always evolving, particularly now that the littlest one is crawling and can spot a piece of Lego from the other side of the room. His brothers are very patient with him, lavishing him with encouragement, even as they build a barricade of sofa cushions to protect themselves.

Blogging and writing work must be laid aside, ready to be resumed once routine returns. In the meantime, we shall be: decorating our osterbaum; baking biscuits; making trips to the park; meeting up with oldest friends; walking in the woods; making wild garlic pesto; reading library books; visiting museums; getting our craft on; visiting family and, of course, hunting for chocolate eggs.

See you on the other side…



8 thoughts on “gone adventuring

  1. Kate Williams

    Hmm, your lot sound a lot more relaxed in the mornings than mine! My eldest has been making down to the beach most days, lovely tiny adventure for the littleies 🙂

  2. CJ

    Lovely, hope you have a wonderful break (I’m using the word “break” loosely here as I know there won’t be an actual break for you)! But I hope your days are filled with many happy adventures.

  3. Penny

    Easter hols’s here too; bliss! Planning to get the Easter des down from the loft today, and with it being such a late Easter this year, my youngest’s birthday is now the day before Easter Sun, so we will have wildly clashing Easter and Birthday dex! Enjoy the hol’s! X

  4. Penny

    Oh good! My comment published: I haven’t managed to do that before in your blog, I must’ve been doing something wrong whilst signing in. So whilst the gods are in a good mood (Easter Gods/ Blog gods perhaps??) can I just say ‘Hi’ and thanks so much for coming over and leaving lovely comments. Much appreciated!


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