June 7, 2013

from the hedgerow



I took the baby out in the sling for the first time, today. We walked to the end of the road and beyond: past the horses in a buttercup meadow and down a green and shady footpath, high hedgerows on either side. The only sounds were my footfalls, the birds in the trees and the contented snuffle of the baby’s breathing. I love this time of year, when the verges and hedgerows froth with a lather with cow parsley . I picked a couple of sprigs to take home with me, along with buttercups, herb robert and a tiny, blue forget-me-not-esque flower. There is something about a hedgerow posy that demands not a vase, but a jug. I have put it on the dresser, where it looks perfectly at home.

Joining in with Lou’s Nature in the Home series.


5 thoughts on “from the hedgerow

  1. Man and Buggy Blog

    I remember vividly the day we took our twins outside for the first time… a mixture of exhilaration and terror. Fond memories…love your pictures.

  2. charmaine

    ahh… I wondered what the pink flower was (we have some on the driveway) and now I know! lovely selection of flowers and what a pretty jug! x


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