December 4, 2013

a bit of festive sparkle

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In my younger days, I was all about the glitter. Sparkly eyeshadow, glittery nail varnish… I used to carry a Pritt Stick in my makeup bag for glueing little stars to my cheekbones and frequently rocked a short, shimmery silver dress over a pair of tight black flares. Later, when I was an infant teacher, it was still all about the glitter and my classroom carpet would be covered by a thick layer of spangles for at least a month before Christmas. Recently, there has been a distinct lack of sparkle around here so, when Lou set the challenge of a table centrepiece for Nature in the Home this week, I snipped a few willow twigs, dug out a can of gold spray paint and picked up a large tube of gold glitter.

I found these to be a bit of a challenge to photograph in their entirety as there are absolutely no neutral backgrounds in the vicinity of our table! Still, I hope that the glitter shines through: these pretties are certainly bringing a sparkle of early festive cheer to my kitchen. Next time the boys bring a collection of sticks home I shall be tempted to give them the glitter treatment!

8 thoughts on “a bit of festive sparkle

  1. katie

    Love a bit of glitter, my Mum was not a fan though, she used to get nervous of us with it and just how far it could travel. The twigs look good, if your boys are like mine, there is always a stick or two at the front door, I’m sure they could be embellished too. katie x

  2. Sarah~Lou

    Wheeee! Gorgeous glitter :0) I shall not ever never be telling my little one about the pritt stick though…that would just give her ideas…me on the other hand…;0) xx


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