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the february table :: circle of pine trees

Last month, I made the decision to document the year with photographs of my kitchen table. Capturing the jumble that accumulates here, at the heart of the kitchen, is also a way to record some of the domestic stories of our family life.

So, this is February. Once again, a brief and quiet moment to myself with a cup of tea. This month, I have been avoiding dairy, and so mint tea has been a staple, in a mug that was a present from my lovely Annie. February is a month of birthdays in this house, including mine. I was thrilled with the gift of a subscription to 3191 Q – I love the blog, and the photographic style of SCB and MAV. It’s a truly gorgeous and life-affirming publication to linger over.

Inevitably with birthdays, there is reflection on the year gone by, which caused me to dig out a photograph of me this time last year- five months pregnant, already with a rather sizeable bump!

Cornishware is lovely, even when imperfect. The cup came as part of a lot of vintage Cornishware that I snapped up from the Foodie Bugle Shop. Unfortunately, this one cup was damaged in transit, but Foodie Bugle send out a replacement post-haste. At any rate, a handle-less cup is still just right for housing bulbs. Muscari are a February favourite of mine, and when they flower, their blue will chime so prettily.

The crochet bootees belong, of course, to the baby, and belonged to each of his two brothers before him. I am fond of them for this very reason, and of course, because they keep his little toes toasty. He has the wriggliest of feet, and constantly manages to kick the bootees off, which means that I spend a good deal of time looking for a lost one. On this day, I had finally tracked down the pair again. Also belonging to the baby, the Badger ‘Night Night Balm‘, which is infused with lavender and is supposed to help him to sleep. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t. He’s not a fan of sleeping. Still, I live in hope (and constantly remind myself that this too shall pass).

Blue, green, turquoise and purple: the February table.

The kitchen story so far:

{ the January table}


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