on the February table, 2015


I am documenting the years with monthly photographs of my kitchen table. Capturing the jumble that accumulates here, at the heart of the kitchen, is also a way to record some of the domestic stories of our family life.

February, in our house, is brightened by a series of small celebrations; two birthdays, Valentine’s day and pancake day all bring a little cheer to this dreariest of months, with its cold days and long shadows.

Today’s table is graced by a beautiful wooden hand loom, made by talented E.J. of Hatchet and Bear. This gorgeous thing was a birthday present to me from my kind in-laws, and I am completely besotted with it. I haven’t done any weaving since my Textiles GCSE coursework (even then, I was photography-obsessed, taking slow shutter-speed photographs of a waterfall, and interpreting the resultant motion blur in a piece of weaving!) Years of knitting have left me with a huge basket of yarn scraps, and I am delighted to have the chance to make use of them, and to experiment with colour and texture. It’s a very soothing craft, and on a small loom like this, a satisfyingly speedy one! You can see my progress, and other people’s fabulous work by searching for #hatchetandbearloom over on Instagram.

Another birthday gift was the beautiful coffee mug, made by local potter Annie Hewett. I am very much of the opinion that coffee (and tea) tastes better from a mug that you love, and this little beauty is perfect. The vibrant pink Panetone coffee maker, which brightens my mornings, came from Howkapow.

The postcard is of a Kurt Jackson painting entitled Thrift, wild chamomile, scarlet pimpernel, St. Agnes. Kurt Jackson is a favourite artist of ours. His amazing and innovative landscape work is infused with his attentiveness to, and appreciation of, the natural environment. I picked up this postcard from his recent exhibition at the Horniman Museum, charmed by the little posy of Cornish wildflowers and the beautiful depiction of light as it shines through the glass. He has an upcoming Foraging exhibition, which I am very much hoping to visit.

The flowers on this month’s table were part of a Wiggly Wrigglers bouquet that my love sent me on my birthday. He knows me well! Wiggly Wrigglers make the loveliest bouquets: their flowers are all British grown, and hand tied. Finally, the last object on the table is the little trio of shells with their mother-of-pearl sheen, that my boys gathered on our recent trip to the winter beach. Nestled within them, in lieu of a pearl, is a tiny bead of chandelier glass which was rescued from beneath the Christmas tree, having dropped from one of the chandelier pendants which we use as decorations.

Pink, blue and purple: the February 2015 table

{last February’s table}

{January’s table}

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