May 20, 2013



I have coveted the lovely Diana F+ lomography camera for quite some time now. What camera fan could resist its retro charms?! Not only is it lovely to look at, but it also offers some interesting analogue photography options such as varying the image size, shooting easy multiple exposures and using it as a pinhole camera. This little beauty came as the free gift with my Crafty magazine subscription, an offer that I was powerless to resist. She could do with a camera strap- I’m thinking that when I get a minute I will make one of these from a vintage scarf. In the meantime, some rolls of 120 film arrived today and I can’t wait to get her loaded up and try her out! Hopefully there are some sunny days ahead- it would be nice to give the DSLR a break and have some fun shooting on film.

8 thoughts on “Diana

  1. dottycookie

    I was completely useless with film photography – I wasted rolls and rolls of fim on rotten shots. Digital has been a godsend for me 🙂 I am rather envious of your photography skills.

    1. Laura

      That is v sweet of you but I am definitely finding my way with film! Looking forward to experimenting some more but who knows how they will come out! x


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