a day of happiness in the woods

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Nothing makes me happier than a day spent in the local woods with my loves. And if that day is a sunny day in springtime, when the fresh young beech leaves glow, and the scent of wild garlic wafts through the trees? Well, those days are the happiest of all.

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We make our way down the woodland path, through the wild garlic, past the log pile, and the dens made from fallen branches. We walk through the tunnel of beech trees until we come to a place that we know, sheltered by what was once an Iron Age fort on the hillside. Here, we light the kelly kettle and boil water for our tea, whilst the boys run, and shout, playing warriors and spies amongst the trees.

dayofhappiness-4 dayofhappiness-1There is tea for us, a flask of hot chocolate for the boys, and homemade ginger snaps for dunking. Afterwards, I fill up the empty basket by picking a bunch of wild garlic flowers to fry up as a garnish for supper. Meanwhile, the boys take time to whittle themselves some swords to add to their arsenal of hand-made weapons.

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Dressing for a day in the woods, I always go for layers. Skinny jeans are comfy and perfect for exploring. I team them with a longline top and a pretty jumper, daring double denim with a denim jacket in case the breeze turns cool. On dry days, there’s no need for my usual wellies, so it’s Converse all the way. Fat Face say that their clothes are designed to be loved by all their customers for life outside the 9 to 5, with that relaxed ‘old favourite’ feel, from new, and this outfit was certainly well-tested, with a scramble up the bank, a foray into the den and a prolonged stint of lying belly-down in a patch of wild garlic (anything to get the shot, right?!)


At the end of the day, we wander home again, dappled sunlight on the path ahead of us. We carry with us a basket of blooms and (for the boys) the obligatory armful of sticks. From the kitchen, the remaining ginger snap biscuits are calling to us, but we won’t stay away from the woods for long.


{I was sent a ‘hamper of happiness’ by Fat Face. This is a sponsored post but all words, thoughts and images are my own.}

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  • The story of your day started mine off on a joyful note. I may not be able to pull off the impromptu tea picnic but I can surely bring a sense of gratitude and adventure with me everywhere I go today. And your outfit is so lovely!