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Over the last couple of weeks, I have been taking part in Susannah Conway’s fantastic Photo Meditations course. I love having the impetus to concentrate on my photography, and there has been so much inspiration within the course. During the first fortnight we were on holiday in Normandy , so my photographs were taken on my phone, or on film using my Olympus Trip. I actually found that giving the DSLR a rest was quite a liberating experience. Not having to consider aperture or shutter speed meant that I focussed much more on composition, and having my phone always handy ensured that I could quickly capture moments which might otherwise have been lost. My recent pictures are all on my Flickr stream.

Susannah stresses the importance of taking at least one photograph every day, and in order to ensure that I do so, I am also taking part in her August Break, following the photo prompts. You can find my August Break pictures on Instagram- my username is @circleofpines.

There has been so much in the course to learn and to love, but I did feel particularly drawn to these words from Susannah:

“Think of yourself as a curator of moments.

A storyteller.

An artist.” 

Not easy to do when you are juggling three small boys and searching for your camera amongst the toys and the biscuit crumbs, but it is something to aspire to, and I shall try!

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