June 9, 2014

Cornwall {part 2}











The second instalment of our Cornwall trip (you can find part one here) begins with skipping down to the rock pools of Cape Cornwall in search of crabs. The rocky outcrop is in constant use by the resident fisherman, its beauty raw and rugged. This was the day that the baby turned one. In the end, the rock pool search was unsuccessful, a disappointment mitigated the following day when the boys caught a succession of crabs, fish, and even a starfish in the tide pool back at Mousehole.

One of the highlights of our trip was a visit to the remarkable Minack theatre to watch a puppet show. We were blessed with glorious sunshine, and as we sat on the carved stone seats, the boys giggled at the tales of Cornish piskies and other faery folk, whilst we drank in the astounding view: the aqua waters, the skies of blue, and the glitter of the sun on the surface of the sea.

As our swansong, we broke our homeward journey at Godrevy, the headland at the opposite end of St Ives Bay. For me, with my fondness for Virginia Woolf, it was a pilgrimage to the lighthouse. For the boys, the main attraction were the miles of sandy beach that stretched out before them. They ran headlong into the sea, leaping through the waves, splashing delightedly. When the time came to journey home again, we tore ourselves reluctantly away, the adults quietly heartbroken and the children shedding tears as salty as the sea they love so much.

Farewell Cornwall. We were slow to visit, but we shall be quick to return.

11 thoughts on “Cornwall {part 2}

  1. Steph

    Just magic x after the day I’ve had your post is totally balm to my soul. Thank you. Love those shots of you skipping boys, happy just being. Wonderful x

  2. Nina

    Hi Laura….cor!

    I love this part of Cornwall – I’m hoping we’re on the right side of the country to be able to visit a little easier now.

    Nina x

  3. Carie

    Oh that’s just magic, and such lovely photos – I never tire of seeing the sea off the west country coast; it’s one of the most beautiful things imaginable!

  4. Louise

    Another beautiful collection of photos 🙂 When I was little, my aunt and her family moved to Cornwall so we used to have regular holidays down there, but then she moved back here when I was 10 and I don’t think I’ve been since – the minack theatre is quite high on my ‘want to visit’ list – it must be a maigcal experience seeing a show at a location like that 🙂

  5. charmaine

    ah, seeing photos of Cornwall make me so happy… it really is an amazing place! I loved the Minack when we visited, and Godrevy and Cape Cornwall are always on our list too! x

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